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Preview review: Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl in 'Killers'

February 11, 2010 |  2:43 pm


Last April, Ashton Kutcher bombarded his Twitter followers with a series of messages and pictures while filming his movie "Killers" in the scenic French Riviera. He posted shots of the beautiful views. The nice restaurants. And look! Demi finally came to visit.

Months later, a trailer for the Lionsgate film has finally been released, revealing the picturesque setting that Kutcher previewed last spring. In the film, he stars alongside Katherine Heigl -- who is stunningly beautiful and blond but again somehow woefully single -- playing a woman named Jen who is on vacation with her family in Nice, France. Her parents are played by Tom Selleck, who of course is rocking an excellent mustache, and the often funny (but sometimes not-so-funny) Catherine O'Hara.

Enter a shirtless Kutcher, who immediately greets Jen with a rather creepy "Bonjour." (No, we don't think his character, Spencer, is French.) Spencer sweeps Jen off her feet -- cue the series of romantic vignettes. He kisses her neck, meets her parents, and ditches his buddies to take her out on romantic dates.

But wait! He isn't who she really thinks he is. And this isn't a romantic comedy -- it's a romantic-comedy actioner (Is there a shorthand for that? Romcomtioner?). Spencer is actually some type of undercover, gun-wielding, fast-car-driving agent -- and Jen gets roped into his madness.

Sure, the trailer feels like it gives away the entire movie. But certain questions persist. Such as: Do you think Heigl will be able to segue away from romantic comedies into a slightly different genre someday? Will audiences be able to handle this much topless, karate-kicking Kutcher? Discuss in the comments and vote in our poll below.

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo:f Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher in "Killers." Credit: Lionsgate.

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Here's the problem: Heigl is taking any role that comes her way just to get herself onto the big screen instead of the small. Fine at first, but now she needs to be a little more discerning, stretch her acting talents and do something with a little more drama now and again. If not, she's going to be pidgeon-holed into these types of rom-com roles forever, grow bored and boring... and romantic comedy as a genre isn't kind to women as they get older.

Time to step out of the limelight for a second, work on her acting skills and come out in a career-changing role, perhaps in an Indie film? If not, she'll go the way of Kutcher, which is no way to go!


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