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From 'Precious' to prison riots: New Attica movie offers an unlikely pairing

February 16, 2010 |  4:06 pm

Anyone wondering what "Precious" screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher is doing after that gritty story of the urban poor -- or, for that matter, the next move for Doug Liman, the "Swingers" and "Mr & Mrs. Smith" director -- can wonder no more. The two are collaborating on an independently financed movie about the Attica prison riot of 1971, titled, well, "Attica." (Caveat: It's just development, so this likely won't be on the screen any time soon.)

Atti Liman, who two years back directed the Hayden Christensen teleportation tale "Jumper" -- don't pretend you don't own the DVD -- and recently finished a Sean Penn thriller called "Fair Game" that will likely be at Cannes, makes a move in a gritty direction with the real-life story of hot-button guards and prisoners.  (Representatives for the project also noted that Liman's father was chief counsel to the subsequent investigation.)

Fletcher hadn't written a movie before "Precious" (adapted from the novel "Push" by Sapphire) and hasn't signed on to do anything since that movie began collecting plaudits -- in fact, he told us recently that he initially conceived of himself more as a director. Now he'll get to work with one who's had one of the more unusual careers around.

--Steven Zeitchik

Photo: Correctional officer Mark Cunningham, whose father was a prison guard killed at Attica, in front of the famed prison. Credit: Don Heupel / Associated Press

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This is really interesting.
I hope this movie production crew will look at both sides of the Attica rebellion turned into a horrific massacre by the New York State troopers and prison guards that went into Attica on September 13th, 1971 and killed 43 people and wounded over 80 people for life.
Most of the movies on Attica are bellyaching positions that are viewed from the hostages perspective.
If the producers are really interested in knowing what really happened then they might be interested in contacting me as a consultant and as I am the only man convicted falsely for killing a guard during the infamous rebellion.
Don't ask the Attica lawyers to represent my position on this as they all sold me out so they could win millions of dollars and make movies abaout that.
By the way I am also a very accomplished movie actor, look for me in the upcoming Last Rites of Ransom. www.lastritesfilm.com
John Boncore aka John Hil


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