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Sundance 2010: Kristen Stewart keeps it real at 'Runaways' premiere

January 24, 2010 |  7:03 pm


On Saturday afternoon, Kristen Stewart slipped into the Racquet Club Theater here unnoticed by paparazzi or a throng of salivating fans – at least two of whom had paid $2,000 for tickets on eBay -- into the world premiere of her gritty family drama “Welcome to the Rileys.” So low-key was the “New Moon Saga” phenom, she passed from her SUV to the movie’s red carpet line without raising the suspicion of the mob desperately searching for any vestige of her.

What a difference a day makes. Sunday evening’s premiere of the Stewart-starring coming-of-age drama “The Runaways” -- in which she portrays proto-punk superstar Joan Jett -- was a media-saturated environment thick with spotlights, shouting reporters, elbowing paparazzi and camera crews standing on ladders. And everybody knew it the moment Stewart stepped into the building.

The actress seemed visibly recalcitrant on the “Runaways” red carpet at the Eccles Theater, answering no more than two questions per camera crew (and addressing the print reporter scrum for only a meager four minutes). As well, Stewart emanated her signature ambivalence toward stardom, biting her lip and running her hands through her hair in the face of many questions about getting in character as Jett, who co-founded the all-girl rock band in 1975.

“I talked to her all the time,” Stewart said of Jett on the carpet, appearing decidedly punk in an unzipped black hoodie, t-shirt and jeans. “To tell you what it was about would be me summing up for a soundbyte. And I don’t want to do that.”

She paused, knitted her brow and then continued.

“She’s incredibly outspoken and embodies freedom in every way,” Stewart said. “It wasn’t easy for me to get there.

Stewart’s remarks having been doled out in discrete (if somewhat oblique) soupcons and her artistic integrity still intact (even if the “Twilight” star left a few news crews more than a little disgruntled with her uncommunicativeness), she left the media bunch wanting more and was hustled off by a team of handlers, vanishing into the bowels of the theater.

-- Chris Lee


Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning get wild with 'The Runaways'

Photo: Kristen Stewart, left, with Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning. Credit: Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times

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She's such a talentless t.r.a.m.p. Can't act to save her life.

I cant wait to see Kristens upcoming movies, The Runaways, Meet the Rileys, and so on. I see Kristen as a great actress, a young woman that is growing in front of us and always puts herself into her charactors that makes you want to go see the movie. I also wanted to say "Thank You" to Kristen as she has helped me change my life. As words can speak to you her words are powerful and has given me a chance to change my life. I hope someday to share her my story .. :) Keep doing what you are doing :)

I respect Kristen's desire to keep her personal life private, but she articulates that desire in such a poor way that she comes off as a rude sow most of the time. The only time I really ever read any of her press that didn't make me want to smack her was a recent EW interview with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, where she seemed almost likeable. On top of that, she can only do one character, which is that of a sullen, lockjawed, angst-ridden teen. The casting of "The Runaways" is such a misfire that I think this movie will be a failure of epic proportions. It's too bad - the story of the Runaways should be told, but the stunt casting of Stewart and the massively overrated Dakota Fanning will derail the entire production. Sad. Love you Joan Jett!!

I see the rpatz freaks who like stalking his gf and ripping her to shreds have made it here first. Kristen hon, you rock - lovin' the reviews...keep doing what you're doing, including Rob. ;)

We are all entitled to our own opinion. I prefered Kristen as a non- pretentious, honest person who value her privacy and love her acting job. She is, what she is and that makes her standout from the rest, a unique girl indeed!

I like Kristen Stewart's work but, surely don't envy the media circus her life has become. I wish her luck.

Is anyone else sick of this badass wanabe and her miserable attitude? So she gets slapped with the lucky stick and gets cast in a teeny bopper franchise procuring attention she doesn't deserve and roles that should have gone to less mediocre actresses. And does she EVER display gratitude, or even a modicum of civility in interviews? Her handlers ought to clue her in that her "career" will go the route of her idol Joan Jett (seriously, if I hear that has been referred to as a "rock icon" one more time I will puke) if she doesn't class up her act just a bit. Scowling, surly, and foul mouthed has no appeal....

kristen stewart is awsome even on the "runways"!

OH NO, some actress irritates the hollywood press!!! She won't talk to us. She's so MEAN!!!!

Press Sad.




Why does everyone talk smack about her?
and about her attidude? There is people out there in the world who act like that believe it or not, Im not gonna lie but when I feel uncomftorable in a situation, I tend to act rudely too because thats just how I am, I don't do it on purpose. Thats how I just come off as.
Team Kristen!

IMO, I admire that she's trying to keep her life "private" but she's a big celebrity and that's just not going to happen. If she could smile more and stop acting so sad all of the time, maybe that would give her a better reputation. I'd probably look at her differently, and as a better actress even if she changed her attitude. She just doesn't seem appreciative.


I don't know how the media felt but I've seen the interviews and they were very funny Kristen wasn't hostile, a little uncomfortable in the red carpet and some faces like "oh this question is silly" maybe; but the MTV, Hollywood Access interviews and other interviews like that were pretty fun. In general I think she handled it not perfect but well.

When I first saw her in Into the Wild, and later Panic Room, I felt she had talent as an actress, yet similarly to how she is in real life, she was not very openly emotional in her films, even in moments that call for it. And I must say I personally am very distasteful of the new vampire craze, in all senses of it. (many because it's not vampires done right.) And her biggest films being the twilight films, I must say she's pretty awful in. Being a Joan Jett and Lita Ford fan, I hope that she takes it up a lot of notches when it comes to the Runaways.

Never have been impressed with her acting.


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