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Sundance 2010: Kristen Stewart bares all in 'Rileys'

January 23, 2010 |  5:51 pm

Kristen Stewart

By some strange cosmic fluke, Kristen Stewart portrays a 16-year-old runaway in both of the movies in which she appears at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

In the drama “Welcome to the Rileys,” which premiered Saturday afternoon at an industry-heavy screening at the Racquet Club Theater, the “New Moon Saga” superstar portrays someone quite unlike "Twilight's" long-suffering vampire-lover Bella Swan. That would be Mallory, a stripper-hooker with a penchant for wearing X-shaped pasties and G-strings (and sometimes no undies at all) with fishnet stockings who makes repeated references to the state of her “private parts” and sexual acts in language not suitable for publication in a family (or even PG-13-rated) blog.

Although her "Rileys" character initially claims to be 22, it is eventually revealed that Mallory ran away at an age when most teens are first getting a drivers license to live in semi-squalor in New Orleans, where she works in a French Quarter strip club in which she charges a little extra for more personal contact.

To get ready for the flesh- and soul-bearing part, the low-key Stewart -- dressed Saturday in the de facto Sundance regalia of military parka, distressed denim and sneakers  -- said she didn’t “prep” per se, even  though she studied some stripper dancing for the sake of greater realism.

“I’m not ‘playing a stripper’” she said with dripping emphasis before the film's first screening. “It’s really not a stripper movie at all. It sort of just opens your eyes about people that don’t have options. I know I’m speaking really vaguely about it.”

In the rock-surged comin- of-age drama “The Runaways,” Stewart portrays real-life rock icon Joan Jett, who co-founded the all-girl teenage band – yes, you guessed it – called the Runaways at age 16. The group burned brightly with righteous proto-punk fury then fizzled out between 1975 and ’79. In that film, Stewart snorts cocaine, makes out with co-star Dakota Fanning and drunkenly urinates on an electric guitar.

Did we mention that she embodies Jett almost perfectly?

“It’s, like, crazy,” Stewart said when a reporter asked her about her resemblance to one of rock’s foremost female titans. She bit her lip and ran her hand through her hair. “I can’t even accept it!”

-- Chris Lee

Photo credit: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

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are you there God? It's me, kyle. Please God, please let the rich people who buy movies gobble up Welcome with the rileys, because I really need to see kristen Stewart in Pasties and nothing else but fishnet stockings. Amen.

This movie was amazing. Kristen did an incredible job in Welcome to the Rileys. Very different than Twilight.

I personally can't wait to see either films. Was a huge fan before she blew up in the whole Twilight thing, and am extremely excited about her new movies. So tired of Bella, need to see Kristen at her best doing something besides the Twilight stuff. Love Twilight, don't get me wrong, just need a break from it all. So can't wait to see these films. I think they will be picked up really quick. She's awesome, no way they will pass her films up.

omg kristen stewert is awesome and the kyle dude that was to write the first comment is disgusting..its one thing to enjoy her on tv but seriously to want her all to yourself is very piggish...i love kristen though and shes a very awesome actress

Kristen is the hottest chick on the scene right now, can't wait to see her in fishnet!

I guess it takes all kinds - personally, I think Kristen is a decent actress, but looks like a sloppy boy most of the time.

Kristen is a humble & talented actress. Her personality suits her characters 100% so that shouldn't be too hard for her to portray the right image. Drama is in her blood. I will definitely go see The Runaways & Meet the Rileys. I also can't wait to see her in Eclipse & especially in Breaking Dawn because I want to see her vamped up a little, just for the fun of it ;-):

if i had seen her first in the 'twilight' films i wouldn't know her for anything other than a brooding teeny-bopper in kind of a silly tween/teeny-bopper series. but seeing her first in 'into the wild' -- as a musican/daughter of vagabond/hippy parents with a potentially inapproprite yet unrequited love for emile hirsch's main character -- i came to appreciate her talents. she was memorable and real in that role.

that said, the thought of her in a stripper role is a draw. kyle's desire to see the film is not to be overlooked lol

Hey kylew92, How about I have a friend hack you and find your where-a-bouts.Maybe I won't have to...as for God...vainfully saying his name aren't you a funny little blood stain? Did God vomit me from his lips or did God just toss me down...I'm really liking the confusing connnections between the devil and the christ...the anti-christ. As for Kristen Stewart...her acting is better than her taste...if anyone can even tell the difference...tsk tsk tsk...you should really watch your actions...I just may take something from you...like your interferring LIFE JAMES!!

I'm very excited to see all Kristen's movies,i heard they got great reviews.It will be good to see her in different roles other then twilight.Don't get me wrong i love twilight,but it will be nice to see her in other movies,where she can show off her acting talents.

You all should go rent INTO THE WILD, an oft forgotten but very good Stewart performance.

I like Kristen...a bit. But honestly, I've watched Into the Wild, and although a real good film, I honestly found her performance in it very forgettable. i couldn't, and still can't see what people are going on about. I actually watched it because I wanted to see her wonderful acting chops and was left disappointed. She wasn't anything special to me...sorry to all you Kstew lovers, but she was better in panic room than anything else I've seen.

Brave girl, love her a lot.She looks like meeeeeeeeeeee.


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