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Nannies, other service providers tipped up to $425 for holidays

December 21, 2011 | 11:01 am

Nannies and other service professionals may be scoring hefty tips this holiday season, according to a survey of Zagat readers.

The vast majority -- 79% -- of respondents said they’ll be tipping the same amount as they did last year. And gardeners, teachers, hairdressers and other service providers will be getting re-gifted items from 45% of of tipping customers.

But 15% of respondents plan to tip more –- and mostly in cash instead of through gift certificates, bottles of wine or baked goods, according to Zagat.

They plan to parcel out $425 each to their nannies and $139 to housekeepers and maids. Building managers will get $97 while gardeners will be tipped $82, according to the poll.

Child day-care workers will get $79, doormen $74. Pet care providers such as dog walkers will earn $62 on average while handymen will land $58, hairdressers and stylists will receive $44 and schoolteachers will be gifted $42.

Service providers getting less than $30 in tips: garbage collectors, barbers, newspaper delivery workers and postal employees, according to Zagat. 


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-- Tiffany Hsu

Photo: Will Mrs. Doubtfire and fellow nannies get hefty tips this holiday season? Credit: Arthur Grace