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Volkswagen's 'The Force' tops AdWeek list of top 10 TV commercials

November 28, 2011 | 10:56 am


It’s not even December yet, but the end-of-year lists are starting to roll out. Among the first: the 10 best commercials of 2011, courtesy of AdWeek.

The rankings include several auto ads (such as the Chrysler plug set in Detroit starring Eminem) as well as spots featuring topics du jour such as zombies (for the Dead Island video game) and the environment (from Chipotle and the Nissan Leaf).

But the classic combo of critters and children is still a favorite. See the talking sharks from Snickers, the talking bearskin rugs from Canal+, the cats with thumbs from Cravendale … oh, and the cute kid from Google Chrome.

The best-in-show went to a Volkswagen ad that went viral in February after debuting during the Super Bowl, so far attracting more than 44 million views on YouTube. “The Force,” from the Los Angeles arm of ad agency Deutsche Inc., featured a child in a Darth Vader suit working his magic on his father’s remote-controlled Passat. 


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