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What is the most popular color for cars?

October 5, 2011 | 10:44 am


Between Europe and North America, it's a black-and-white world when it comes to the color of one's ride. That's right. White is the most popular car color in North America. Over in Europe, it's black.

What does that say about attitudes here and on the Continent? Oh, probably nothing. But it's a fun fact. PPG looked at the color choices for 2011 model-year vehicles in North America and found that 20% were white.

Silver was narrowly second at 19% while black came in third at 18%. Gray was fourth with 15%, and red and blue were tied for fifth at 9%.

In Europe, black was on top with 26%. It beat out white, at 19%, by a wide margin. Then came silver, 16%; gray, 15%; and blue, 9%.

In the Asia/Pacific region, silver at 25% was the most popular color, followed by white, black, gray and red.

For those of you with orange cars, you are a unique breed.


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-- Jerry Hirsch

Photo: Ford Explorers at a dealership in San Jose. Credit: Associated Press