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Wall Street: Stocks down, gold up on mixed data

October 3, 2011 |  8:58 am

Wall Street

Gold: Trading now at $1,649 an ounce, up 1.6% from Friday. Dow Jones industrial average: Trading now at 10,829.38, down 0.8% from Friday.

Mixed results. Stocks have been bouncing around this morning on good news about the U.S. economy but worrying signs out of Europe.

Protest prime time. As the Wall Street protests spread across the country to Los Angeles, the 700 arrests this weekend in New York are helping the movement's cause.

Off with their heads. Roseanne Barr calls for a return of the guillotine, for use on bankers.

Inside the Koch empire. Bloomberg has a lengthy investigative take-down of the secretive company run by the Koch brothers, detailing a number of alleged instances in which the firm broke the law.

Merrill vs. Countrywide. Merrill Lynch, the Wall Street firm acquired by Bank of America, is doing okay these days but it is being dragged down by BofA's other recent acquisition, Countrywide, and employees are not happy.

-- Nathaniel Popper in New York

Photo credit: Stan Honda / Getty Images