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Domino's Pizza plans to be first fast food joint on the moon

September 4, 2011 |  9:00 am

Space Just in case the man on the moon gets a hankering for pizza, Domino’s plans to be the first with a lunar fast-food outlet.

The company’s Japanese arm has launched a website dedicated to its “Moon Branch Project.” It’s all a joke (we think) to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary in the Asian country.

But for fun and games, it’s remarkably detailed. There’s Scott K. Oelkers, Domino’s president in Japan, dressed in an astronaut suit declaring in a goofy video that the moon location will be a “giant leap for all of mankind” for his “fellow Earthlings.”

There’s a detailed cost breakdown –- development will cost $21.7 billion total, with about $.73 billion going toward rocket-based transport of building materials. A mock-up of the pizza joint features images of a playroom, training gym and plantation.

One can only hope that the screens in the private rooms play “Total Recall” on a loop.


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