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Yellow pages piling up? Here's how to opt out of delivery

August 4, 2011 | 11:36 am

Recycling: How to cut down yellow pages waste 
When was the last time you opened the yellow pages? If you've grown tired of seeing telephone books pile up at your front door, there are now options beyond simply throwing them in the recycling bin.

You can visit a website to ask the delivery person to skip your house the next time he makes the rounds in your neighborhood. The site will ask you to register by providing some basic personal information to determine which books you are eligible to opt out of. The site says it will not sell your personal information.

According to The Tribune of San Luis Obispo, it can take several weeks to have your address removed from the delivery list.

More from that article:

There is a six to 12-week lead time on the request, so those who apply now might not make the cut this year. But they will be set up to receive fewer yellow page books or none next year.

[San Luis Obispo County] has been recycling old telephone books since 1990, and is encouraging everyone to place them once again in their blue recycling bins.

By opting out of receiving unwanted telephone books in the first place, everyone can “reduce the litter found on the roadways from unwanted books [that] ... rot in the rain and sun,” according to the news release.


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Photo: A worker sorts recyclables from a pile of trash at the Los Angeles Recycling Center. Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times