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Old Navy T-shirts arent spelled right. We mean aren't.

August 24, 2011 | 11:26 am

Old navy 

Just last week we were telling you about Old Navy's launch of Superfan Nation, an in-store shop that sells college and professional licensed sports gear.

The products have since hit stores, and it turns out whoever designed some of the college T-shirts may have skipped a few grammar lessons in school.

The shirts -- for schools including UCLA and USC -- feature the words "Lets go!!" Yup, exactly like that.

For those of you who still don't get this, "Let's" is what's known as a contraction, an abbreviated version of two words. So "let's go" means "let us go." "Lets go," on the other hand, means to release something, as in: If she lets go of the dog's leash, Fido will never be seen again.

The missing apostrophe has riled grammarians who are wringing their hands in despair and lamenting that no one these days knows the difference between its and it's anymore.

The good news for Old Navy is that the drunk football fans who will be wearing the shirts likely won't notice.

A spokeswoman for Old Navy's parent company, Gap Inc., did not return calls for comment.


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-- Andrea Chang 

Photo: One of Old Navy's new college T-shirts. Credit: Old Navy