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My Biggest Mistake: Schmoozing the wrong crowd

April 25, 2011 |  6:02 am

Lee Rudnicki Business owner: Lee Rudnicki, Los Angeles

Company: Law offices of Lee Rudnicki

What I did: Networked with the competition instead of potential clients.

Background: I was doing music law but I wanted to get into film and television.

The mistake: I started networking with a lot of other lawyers. The bar association is fantastic, but in terms of client growth it was a huge mistake. Lawyers can provide you with knowledge and friendship and other things, but in terms of business they’re competition.

What I learned: Network with your potential client base. Not with your colleagues. When you get out of law school they say to join the bar association. It's better to go to parties with filmmakers and just let them find over the course of the conversation that you’re a lawyer. You'll walk out of there with 10 new clients.

-- Sharon Bernstein

On Twitter @sharonbernstein