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Wall Street Roundup: The battle over the Fed, CEO pay keeps ballooning

November 15, 2010 |  8:52 am

Campaign against the Fed. A group of mostly Republican economists -- with some liberals scattered in there -- wrote a letter to Ben Bernanke asking him to discontinue his recently announced plan to pour money into the economy.

Meanwhile. An obscure measure of bond options suggests the Fed's program may already be working.

Double meanwhile. A quixotic cartoon critique of the Fed's policy.

CEO pay keeps rising. The compensation of CEO's at the biggest American companies keeps going up, according to a new survey.

Goldman sale stumbles. Goldman Sachs' plan to pay back money it borrowed from Warren Buffett during the economic crisis has been put on hold by the Federal Reserve.

Investing in lawsuits. A growing number of investors are putting their money into plaintiffs, hoping to get a cut of any money recovered in a courtroom victory.

-- Nathaniel Popper