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King Kong monkeys around in Dodger Stadium

May 25, 2010 |  3:34 pm

King Kong tramples Dodgers Stadium Angelenos know a few things about natural disasters.

Earthquakes, mud slides and wildfires are almost as routine as the change of seasons in the City of Angels.

But what appeared to be another catastrophe at Dodger Stadium Tuesday morning (see photo) was a publicity stunt by Universal Studios Hollywood to promote the new King Kong attraction that opens in early July.

The giant ape footprints that begin near home plate and disappear behind center field are part of a series of attention-grabbing events to promote the idea that Kong escaped the fire that destroyed parts of the backlot at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2008.

After stomping through various parts of the city in the next few weeks -- Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood Boulevard, for example -- the knuckle-dragging ape will, according to Universal Studios' publicity folks, settle into his new home at the theme park.

The ape will star in King Kong 360 3D, an attraction designed by director Peter Jackson. It is scheduled to open by the Fourth of July holiday.

The news crew at KTLA-TV Channel 5 shot video of the scene of destruction at Dodger Stadium:  

Photo: King Kong footprints cut through Dodger Stadium. Credit: NBC Universal Studios