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Wall Street Roundup: The bill for healthcare. Women and Wall Street

March 22, 2010 |  7:49 am

Healthcare calculations. Everyone is speculating about whose pocketbooks the healthcare reform legislation passed Sunday night will hurt, and whose pocketbooks it will help. There seems to be a building consensus that pharmaceutical companies will be winners while insurance companies have a rockier road ahead.

Now to financial reform. The legislative agenda shifts on Monday to financial reform. Shortly before the Senate Banking committee opens hearings on the legislation, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner is giving a speech pushing reform at the American Enterprise Institute. Over the weekend, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke played to the reform agenda by calling banks that are "too big to fail" "insidious" and pernicious."

Women on Wall Street. New York magazine asks how Wall Street might look different if there were more women around. 

U.S. lending worries. Bloomberg notes that the United States has to pay more for loans than Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The interest on Berkshire's two-year notes is 3.5 basis points lower than the rate on a similar Treasury bond. 

-- Nathaniel Popper