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Nissan's Land Glider concept is a strange but effective mode of personal transportation

October 7, 2009 |  3:21 pm

If for some inconceivable reason the Nissan Cube is just too bland for you, Nissan is prepared to present you with an even quirkier alternative. Set to debut at the Tokyo Auto Show later this month, the Land Glider concept looks like something out of Tron and drives like a cross between a motorcycle and a car. A very narrow car.

The Land Glider is has the unique ability to lean into turns, not only for increased maneuverability but, presumably, to attract attention to itself and the fact that you're driving the zero-emissions wonder car of tomorrow.

Designed to reduce traffic in congested urban areas, there's obviously more appeal for such a vehicle in sardine-canned Tokyo than in Los Angeles. But with compact designs such as the Mini, Smart and Cube coming to the U.S., we may just see something like this stateside in the future. Of course, they'll have to build it in Japan first.

-- Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander is a staff writer for

Video: Nissan Land Glider, Credit: YouTube/Nissan