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Slapping together a Le Mans prototype racer in less than 24 hours

September 28, 2009 | 12:23 pm

Click play and stare in disbelief as a world-class Le Mans racer is assembled before your eyes in less than a day, starting with nothing more than an engine, a carbon fiber tub and, we're guessing, vast quantities of Red Bull and Prozac.

The Highcroft Acura team was forced to put in some serious overtime this weekend after driver Scott Sharp made contact with another car exiting the pit lane during practice at this past weekend's Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. Sharp's LMP racer essentially exploded like a beer can that had just come out of a paint shaker, though luckily he was able to walk away from the incident. But there was no chance of piecing the car together, so a new tub was shipped from California.

As you can see, the crew wasted little time in getting to work once the new tub arrived. Roughly 10% of the old car was reused, and literally thousands of individual parts go into the final product. Oh time lapse video, how simple you make devastatingly difficult tasks look...

-- Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander is a staff writer at