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The door opens for Chinese and Indian cars

July 28, 2009 | 10:50 am


Would you buy a car from a brand you’ve never heard of? A new study says 15% of people would do just that. It’s a study that gives hope to manufacturers in China and India who hope to bring their vehicles to the United States. The study of more than 30,000 new car and truck buyers was done by the automotive research firm AutoPacific. 

“Not only are a significant number of people willing to consider Chinese and Indian brands, this group consists of highly desirable buyers who would be coveted by any manufacturer. They tend to be young, well-educated, and affluent for their age and have good jobs in administrative, healthcare and middle management positions,” said George Peterson, president of AutoPacific.

Before you scoff at this idea, remember that at one time no one in this country had heard of Toyota, Kia or Volkswagen.

-- Doug Stewart

Photos of Tata Nano from India, top, and Geely Panda from China, bottom.

Photo credit: Nano from AP; Panda from EPA