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Porsche Panamera at Pebble Beach

July 7, 2009 |  1:34 pm

Really, who doesn’t love a Porsche?

If we had our druthers, it would be the only name plate in our personal livery. Porsche’s range of cars – the Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne and the ne plus ultra of the stable, the 911, have provided automotive awesomeness for generations and inspired many a film producer, lawyer and dentist to ecstatic heights.

But, alas, as the song goes, you take the good, you take the bad, and, it’s a fact of life, that Porsche has had its fair share of derision of late.

When the Boxster was first released, some skeptics claimed it was the reincarnation of the 914; it went on to become a bestseller. Same went for the Cayman, which critics complained was dumbing down the 911 range. It too went on to stellar sales.

And the Cayenne, perhaps the most vilified Porsche ever released, even more so than the 928. 

Best. Selling. Porsche.

That said, may we introduced the new Porsche, the Panamera, a four-door Gran Turismo model, that will make its North American public debut during Monterey’s Classic Car Week.

The week of Aug. 9-16 is ground zero for the automobile and classic car nut and features such events as the sold-out Quail, a massive outdoor gathering for all things fast and expensive, the Monterey Historic races at Laguna Seca, where Porsche is the featured marquee, and, of course, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the Lollapalooza of rich guys, trophy wives and multimillion dollar Italian and French cars you’ve never heard of -- Talbot-Lago, anyone?

The all-new Panamera is Porsche’s first-ever four-door production sedan and Porsche claims this "unique four-seater was conceived and designed as a grand touring car, combining numerous talents in typical Porsche style: sporting driving dynamics, a spacious interior, and the supreme comfort of a gran turismo." 

Sounds like a mouthful, but oh, those lines, which we think looks a lot like a feral panther ready to pounce, or a gussied up 911 with a Botoxed mouth and silicon implants, or, better yet, what we think an Italian Gran Turismo would look like if Italy was still an Axis power. 

That said, the Panamera, from what we have read, looks and drives like a Porsche, just not a 911. And we want one.

The Panamera goes on sale Oct. 17 in the U.S. and prices will range from $89,800 for the base Panamera S up to $93,800 for the all-wheel-drive 4S and a whopping $132,600 for the Turbo model. With options – this being a Porsche, expect to add another 10k to 15k.  Be the boss and opt for the Porsche crests on the seats.

-- Jon Alain Guzik

Jon Alain Guzik is editor-in-chief at

Photo: Porsche Panamera  Credit: PR Newswire