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Ultracool Bond actor Daniel Craig gets popsicle treatment

June 4, 2009 |  2:15 pm

Legions of Bond villains wish they had thought of this this: Encasing 007 half-naked in flavored ice and then setting crowds of British women loose on him.

But Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies beat Dr. No and the gang to the punch this week, releasing a limited number of popsicles -- they're referring to them as "sex on a stick" -- shaped like Bond actor Daniel Craig's chiseled torso.


It's the "ultimate accolade" for the actor voted "Britain's Coolest Smoothie," crowed a statement from the company.

"Daniel Craig ... is officially immortalized as super smooth and licensed to chill," said Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies spokesman Matt O'Conner in what has to be the punniest statement ever released.

The "ice lollies," which is how the Brits refer to popsicles, represent the scene in the film "Casino Royale" in which Craig emerges from the sea in the briefest of briefs. The cool sweets were commissioned to launch the company's new blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry smoothies, and also to celebrate Britain's first National Ice Cream Week, June 1-7.

Which makes the next step seem obvious -- Halle Berry-shaped popsicles in the U.S. to celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July!

Craig, 41, came out on top in a survey of more than 1,000 British women who were asked to rate several British celebrities based on some decidedly unscientific characteristics: dashing good looks, charm, smooth appeal and confidence.

"Sometimes a little frosty about his private life, Daniel Craig is a true gent, who never kisses and tells," according to the statement.

Alas, runner-up Jude Law and third-place finisher Hugh Grant will not be immortalized with their own ice sculptures. And the Craig popsicles have either been lovingly licked into oblivion or melted since they were given out in Central London on Monday morning.

The company's other refreshments are sold only in the UK by Del Monte Foods International/UK, part of the Del Monte Fresh Produce group. Del Monte Foods, based in San Francisco, issued an icy statement earlier this week stressing that they were not affiliated with the Craig promotion.

Complicating the chain of command, the origin of the popsicles seems to be British ice cream company Fredericks Dairies, which licenses the Del Monte name for its products and has plastered articles about the Craig treat all over its website. The company also promises, fittingly, "adventures in ice cream."

-- Tiffany Hsu
Photo: Taylor Herring Public Relations