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10 gifts for gearheads

December 15, 2008 |  4:48 pm

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. A wonder that we ever manage to buy presents that aren’t the usual pair of socks or necktie. Here are a few suggestions for the person who wants to buy the gearhead in their life something a little different and/or useful ...

cars autos Los Angeles Times A2B electric bike Jawbon Meguiar's Harley Davidson neon clock Automoblox Patrick Calello Lego Austria Governor Schwarzenegger Arnie Rat Fink Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth Mickey Mouse Kustom Kulture custom cars Dodge Challenger American retro racer bowl coasters aluminum recycled holiday gift ideas A2B Electric Bicycle
The A2B is a kind of cross between a bicycle and a scooter. It can go for 20 miles at 20 mph on lithium-ion battery power alone. Or there’s the option of buying a second power pack to double that range. Then there are pedals. It has an aluminum frame, a comfortable oversized saddle, a pliant suspension, and can also take a basket and rear carrier bags. $2,699 from many dealers in Southern California. Check on the company’s site for the nearest one.

...lots more gifts for gearheads after the jump.

Latmika_3Ramnarace Metalcraft
Sid Ramnarace designed Ford cars for 10 years. Now he creates housewares from recycled aluminum which is individually hand polished. This example is the Mika bowl, named after F1 champ Mika Hakkinen. There’s also a bowl named after racing legend Stirling Moss and a set of coasters that pay tribute to Tazio Nuvolari. The Mika bowl goes for $112.

Latretroracer1 American Retro Red Pedal Racer
This might seem a touch extravagant for a youngster, but it’s such a cool machine and it might spark a love and interest in cars that could last a lifetime. Inspired by Ferrari F2 racers of the 1950s and bigger than most other pedal cars, it’s made of heavy gauge steel with solid rubber tires and chrome rims. $539 from the company’s website, but try Amazon.

LatratfinkRat Fink T-Shirts

Back in the ’60s and ’70s, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was a major figure on the custom car scene. His Rat Fink character (born out of Roth’s enmity toward Mickey Mouse) became of symbol of that scene and is now the star of some reto-styled T-shirts. Sizes M to XL are $17.99, XXL is $19.99.

Latblox Automoblox T9-SE
Automoblox makes some really nice wooden toys. This model is the T9-SE Signature Series (bearing the signature of designer Patrick Calello) and only 2,000 examples will be made, thereby becoming the company’s first limited edition and future collector’s item. It might be an idea to buy two and keep one in its original packaging. These collector types get anal over such things. $40.

Dodge Challenger sculpture Dodge Challenger Sculpture
Know anyone with a 2008 Dodge Challenger fetish? Get them this 12-inch resin sculpture. Only 999 examples will be made and they come in Black, Silver or Hemi Orange. $120.

Latcarwash Meguiar’s Complete Auto Care Kit

So your family won’t be buying a new car any time soon. In that case, it would be wise to look after the one you have now. Keeping it clean goes a long way to preserving a decent look, and this car care kit from Meguiar’s represents little financial investment. Just add elbow grease. $20 from most branches of Wal-Mart.

Latlpe LPE Pneumatic Engine
This is truly esoteric. It’s an engine made from Lego parts by a company in Austria (where the governor comes from). Lego is not involved at all, but this little power plant could propel vehicles made from the famous Danish bricks. It comes as an in-line three- or four cylinder model. 325 euros including shipping.

Lathdclock Harley Davidson Clock
From the H-D archives comes this 1940s advertising graphic with a neon-surround clock set in. $99.99.

Latjawbone Jawbone Headset

Not that the practice of driving while talking on the phone should be condoned, but everyone is going to do it at one time or another. So they might as well have this ultra-stylish Bluetooth-equipped earpiece/microphone, with claimed best-in-class noise cancellation. $129 from the company’s website, but it can be found for under $100 with a little net surfing.

-- Colin Ryan