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"Subprime Slime" -- Bikini-wearing actresses against foreclosure

June 30, 2008 |  2:45 pm

Subprime_slime_001_500_3In general, the bar at L.A. Land is set very high for news coverage. In this particular case, though, the item just limboed right underneath the bar.

From a media alert forwarded to me by a colleague:

What: Hollywood actresses in bathing suits will be protesting to save foreclosure victims in front of the Bank of America building in Hollywood.  The Hollywood actresses will be supporting homeowners who are metaphorically losing their shirts because of bad loans. The protest will take place before the 4th of July to emphasize the idea of the American Dream that was lost because of bad home loans.

Who: Hollywood actresses from film and television and Forbes contributor and financial expert Robert Maltbie.

When: Thursday, July 3rd at 10 a.m.

Where: Bank of America
             6300 West Sunset
             Los Angeles, CA 90028

The media advisory further states that the Internet show "Hollywood by the Numbers" (surely you've heard of it) will be launching its newest video called "Subprime Slime," in hopes of raising money "to  benefit foreclosure victims."

I spoke briefly with the PR person for this event, Lorena Meza, who assured me, "This is a real event." She was giggling a bit, though. I asked if I'd be correct in assuming the various actresses are, for lack of a better way of saying it, unknown. "I think one of them was in Terminator 2," she replied. "But they're not 'A' or 'B' list. They might be, like, 'D' list."

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Photo Credit: "Hollywood by the Numbers"