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Your call: Does this look like the bottom?

May 27, 2008 |  9:25 pm


From the reliable and reliably entertaining Westside Bubble blog: The Case-Shiller home price index for Los Angeles, including this morning's latest numbers. When you look at it this way, it's hard to make a case that we're close to the bottom.

What do all those lines and numbers mean? From Westside Bubble: "Los Angeles (black line, includes Orange County) is now down 24.4% from its peak in September 2006.... The national (orange line, their original 10-city Composite) index is down 17.8% from its peak in June 2006.

More: "Besides the original city index they have each city broken into Low, Middle, and High tiers (Under $417,721, $417,721 to $627,381, and Over $627,381). Los Angeles' Low Tier rose the most and has fallen back the most so far from its November 2006 peak, 30.8%. The High Tier rose the least and plateaued for a while before falling more steeply, now down 18.5% from June 2006."

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