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Jury backs Realtor in Carlsbad lawsuit

April 11, 2008 | 10:54 am

Jw7cj5nc Remember the Carlsbad couple who sued their Realtor, arguing he gave them bad advice that led them to overpay for their house? They lost.

From the Voice of San Diego: "A jury sided Thursday with Carlsbad real estate broker Mike Little in a closely watched lawsuit that pitted a local couple against the agent that helped them buy a home. The couple, Vern and Marty Ummel, claimed that Little neglected to mention recent sales in their neighborhood, leading them to overpay by about $150,000 for their home in July 2005."

The jury wasn't buying it. From the North County Times: "Mr. Little did what he was supposed to do," jury forewoman Wendi Brick said. "The bottom line is that you (as a buyer) are responsible when you sign a contract and purchase something."

Personal responsibility, what a concept.

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