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The British Are Coming: Beckhams Find A Home in Beverly Hills

April 30, 2007 | 11:42 am

David_beckham First the news: Realestalker is reporting that the Beckhams have bought a home in Beverly Hills. From Your Mama at Realestalker: "We had long heard the couple wanted to spend between $12 and $15 million, but it looks like they've blown the budget with this one having paid, we're told by a tipster right around $20,000,000. Various notes: --LA Land doesn't read British tabloids and I'm not sure which nicknames are current for the Beckhams, so I didn't try. Posh? Becks? Sexy? Whatever. --Apparently the exact address is a secret given that Beckham is so famous and has little children he wants to protect. So we run his picture, not the picture of the house. --Contrary to many media reports, the soccer team in Los Angeles is not paying Beckham $250 million over any period of time. The team only said that it's possible he could make that much money on his own... provided he endorses everything from sneakers to soft drinks to sub-prime mortgages. The New York Times has reported the team itself is paying him $27.5 million over five years.