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Friday nights in Mexico City vs. Washington, a diligent comparison

January 5, 2011 |  6:26 pm

Garibaldi tequila midwesterner in mexico

Who says you can't have a good time working for the U.S. Foreign Service? John Herickhoff and Julie Carmann, the blogger couple behind Midwesterner in Mexico, did just that while living and working in Mexico City.

Sadly, work took them next to the Washington metropolitan area, and they're finding the capital of the United States to be a bit, um, lacking in color and nightlife excitement compared to its counterpart in Mexico.

Julie offers her diligent comparison, at Midwesterner in Mexico:

Average Friday Night in Mexico City:

* get online 

* find address for hip new mezcalería/taquería/trendy bar/tasty restaurant in Condesa/Roma dripping with hipsters

* gather together with MBA/Embassy/blogger/other random friends

* head out for fun night

* think to self, 'This is great; I can't believe we get to live here for two years."

My Friday Night Tonight in Arlington, Virginia:

* get online

* find hours of operation for Home Depot

* gather together my documentation for the lamp/faucet/towel rack/toilet paper holder I special ordered

* head to Home Depot

* think to self, "This is great, I can't believe Home Depot is open until 10PM on a Friday."

       * sigh

The whole post is here. And here's a fun read about a night out at the mariachi musician hub in Mexico City, Plaza Garibaldi.

To be fair, there must be something fun to do on a Friday night in the U.S. capital. But whatever that might be, could it possibly compare to the satisfaction of an inexpensive bottle of tequila served with chasers of fresh lime and tomato juice?

-- Daniel Hernandez in Mexico City

Photo: A traditional bottle-service spread of tequila at a cantina in Plaza Garibaldi. Credit: Midwesterner in Mexico