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Consuls from Latin America nations will help with the census

November 10, 2009 | 11:54 am

U.S. Census officials met with the consuls of several Latin American nations to ask for their support in spreading the word about the 2010 Census and the importance of being counted and to allay any concerns that immigrant communities may have.

“It is vital that every person living in the United States takes part to assure accurate representation and funding for vital services”, said Marycarmen Moran, promoter of the 2010 Census, adding that the consuls agreed to do all they can to make the census a success.

Census officials need the consuls' cooperation because Latino immigrants, mainly undocumented, have expressed concern regarding the confidentiality of the information obtained during the process, consulate officials said.

“The immigration status of the individual is an issue that has generated some fear among immigrants,” said Eddie Bedon, Ecuador’s consul general. “The Office of the Census has assured us that the confidentiality of the information will be safeguarded, and the census is being conducted irrespective of immigration status.”

“For Ecuador,” Bedon continued, “the information gleaned from the census will be very important. The statistics regarding the number of Ecuadoreans who live and work here will help us meet their needs, and defend their rights and interests.”

William Jarquin, consul of El Salvador, said his government was also committed to working with the census. “For Salvadorans it is extremely important because we need to know just how many of us are out there.”

Pablo Cesar Garcia, consul general of Guatemala, said: “Immigrants need to understand that when they cooperate with the census, they are helping to create statistics that will then be used to obtain more community investment because, based on these statistics, the city of Los Angeles will receive more [federal] funds for education and health.”

In addition to the consuls from Guatemala, El Salvador and Ecuador, consuls from Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Bolivia, Mexico and the Dominican Repúblic, among others, attended the meeting with Census officials.

— Paula Diaz/HOY

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