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Shakira unites Latin American artists to help poor children

May 19, 2008 |  9:36 am

Not so long ago, Latin American artists who spoke up for social causes often risked prison, exile or far worse, writes Reed Johnson in Mexico City.

What a difference a generation makes. On Thursday, a phalanx of Spanish-speaking pop artists headed by Colombian superstar Shakira and Spanish-Italian singer Miguel Bosé gathered here to promote a new initiative to aid Latin America's millions of poor, malnourished and undereducated children. They were joined by the world's second-richest man, a top U.S. philanthropist and an international mob of reporters drawn by a potent cocktail of celebrity, money and power, laced with an emerging social conscience.

Watch the video of the event below, and read the report here.

-- Deborah Bonello in Mexico City