Good man
I need to move out there quick.i dont want to miss the big one.
Peace to brother Ji Jaga he will be missed and glory to his cause.
Wilson has changed nothing happen alot of changes trust me its safe and the trouble makers are gone and expell from our school. Go Mighty Mules Class of TwoZeroTwoOne. 2012
Jamie i would like to invite you to Christian evers in san antonio.One time i had lunch with my 6 year daughter and she got pizza annd eat was not cooked and grapes were with mold and oatmeal was so sweet.Please come to san antonio texas we are one of the fattest city..
The police also need to be responsible for their reckless driving. Were ticketed for the same things we see them do when they arent on call. They should follow the same laws. Although we pull to the right when we hear sirens, they still need to slow up at intersections and crosswalks. Common sense.
Do you think it had anything to do with the rapture perdictions? There was another family that the mom attempted to do a murder\suicide over it. Thinking it was better than getting left behind? There are lots of vaunerable people out there. Excuse my spelling.
In reading this story about three people aressted for child molastation was absolutely sickening. The worst part, theyre all family members!!! Thats so sad. The children were all young.
I love this L.A. Times blog. Its good to read about the new without having to take up half the kittchen table. I would like to see other parts of the paper, such as the horoscopes?? Maybe its here and i just cant seem to find it but, im just like to have easy access to viewing all parts of the L.A. Times. So far, i really enjoy what ive seen. Thank you all so very much for making news all the better to read.