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Car going to party kills two homeless people [Google+ Hangout]

November 2, 2012 | 11:36 am

The Times' Gale Holland will join city editor Shelby Grad in a Google+ Hangout at 1:30 p.m. to discuss Terry and Green Eyes, two friends who lived on skid row who were killed by an out-of-control car Saturday.

A teenage driver going from one party to the next with a full car jumped the curb and ran the pair over while they were sleeping. Prosecutors say she had been drinking and charged her with vehicular manslaughter.

From Holland's "Perspective" piece:

His name was Green Eyes. But five or six black men with light eyes go by that name on L.A.'s skid row. So he was known as the Green Eyes who sold lighters and cigarettes, a quarter each.

Her name was Terry, but she also liked to be called Tracy. She wore her dishwater blond hair in bangs and a high ponytail like in "Grease" or "American Graffiti."

They were 51 years old, both of them. Terry had lived many years with a man named Blaine on the streets near the "Hippie Kitchen." But she and Blaine got into it, and she moved five blocks away to Crocker and 4th streets with Green Eyes.

That corner belongs to Diane. Diane is bristly in brightly colored beads and a plaid hat with sunglasses perched on the bill. It's a good corner because 4th Street is one-way and you only have to check one direction to see if you have to put your beer away because police are coming.

Most of the storefronts near the corner are boarded up and gated. But day laborers lean on their bikes outside a model car store. A pot paraphernalia shop advertises "Crazy Pipes" in crazy lettering. White pigeon droppings lard the sidewalk.

Around midnight Saturday, some do-gooders arrived on Crocker to hand out food from their car. Diane crossed the street to eat her taco. Green Eyes and Terry would have come too, but they were already asleep on the sidewalk, right out on the pavement, blankets and spreads pulled over them.

Diane was walking back to throw her trash away when a 1989 Mercedes sedan took the corner too fast. It jumped the curb, bounced off the wall and ran over Green Eyes and Terry. "They didn't even have time to lift their heads up," Diane said.


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