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Where is Space Shuttle Endeavour? Well ahead of schedule

October 13, 2012 | 12:22 pm

With the Space Shuttle Endeavour now on Crenshaw Boulevard and ahead of schedule, there is limited time for the public to see the spacecraft on the streets of L.A.

La-me-shuttle-angerThe shuttle is doing its crawl up Crenshaw for the next few hours. It's hard to determine exactly where the shuttle is at any given moment unless you are on the route, but there is a tentative schedule and a live-stream of the event.

Officials said the shuttle could be up to two hours ahead of schedule when it gets to the Science Center, though that could change during the afternoon.

PHOTOS: Endeavour rolls through the streets of L.A.

After going up Crenshaw Boulevard, the shuttle will reach Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard around 2 p.m. A celebration is planned by choreographer Debbie Allen. Public safety officials have said the area will accommodate a few thousand people at most, so those interested in seeing Endeavour should arrive early.

The final tricky move will be along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Pines planted in honor of the slain civil rights leader were deemed too significant to cut down, and because the trees dot both sides of the roadway, the shuttle will pivot -- crab-like -- to avoid any mishaps.

"Don't think of the shuttle going nose-first down every street," said LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman. "That shuttle has the ability to zigzag and maneuver, and that's what you're going to see along that route. There may be places where the shuttle is going sideways at an angle."

FULL COVERAGE: Endeavour's move through L.A.

The final chance to see the shuttle will be along Bill Robertson Lane as it approaches the science center's Samuel Oschin display pavilion in Exposition Park about 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Police said four parking lots between Bill Robertson Lane and Vermont Avenue will be available to the public.

But officials were seeing if they could get the shuttle to arrive before sunset, which occurs at 6:20 p.m. Saturday.

Planning on seeing the shuttle? Send your photos on Twitter to @latimes or Instagram to @latimesphotos with the hashtag #SpotTheShuttle or upload them here — and don't forget to tell us where you are.

Endeavour gets early start on day 2 of L.A. trek

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Here it comes. http://pic.twitter.com/BOpbKj4qFrank Shyong
The California Science Center prepares for the Endeavour's arrival. #spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/vwUbY2KtWesley Lowery
After tough move on Crenshaw Drive, #endeavour back in L.A. city limits at Crenshaw/79th. "Job well done," Bernie Parks tells Inglewood PD.Kate Mather
Endeavour is slowly making its way into the Crenshaw intersections. #SpotTheShuttle http://pic.twitter.com/QMAl6oh8Adolfo Flores
Luke says he's filming a doc for Science Center. @LATangel told him he looked like a State Farm Insurance agent. He laughed. #endeavourKate Mather
Luke Wilson is watching the shuttle move down Crenshaw Drive. Who knew? #endeavourKate Mather
After lifting back wheel of transporter to clear curb and trimming a few small tree branches back, #endeavour is rolling again.Kate Mather
Hold up on Crenshaw Drive, where #Endeavour is crazy close to a bunch of houses, trees. http://pic.twitter.com/i7TV140eKate Mather
#Endeavour starts turning onto Crenshaw Drive, tightest spot of the entire move: http://pic.twitter.com/UmuKpw1YKate Mather
They definitely have the best view. #spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/rRpTNwwOAdolfo Flores
They just stopped, backed up and moved over the shuttle to avoid tree branches on Manchester. #Endeavour's move a true game of inches.Kate Mather
And she's off! #Endeavour leaves Forum to "I Believe I Can Fly." Video: http://yfrog.us/mkz2yfgbvjybphzqskhikkxzzKate Mather
Work crews are placing plates over base material for Endeavour's ride up Crenshaw Dr. #SpotTheShuttle http://pic.twitter.com/ptDehrXDAdolfo Flores
#Endeavour still parked at the Forum in Inglewood, being serenaded by a marching band before next part of move: http://pic.twitter.com/JwQhmVPbKate Mather
Today's view of #Endeavour: http://pic.twitter.com/WDc5gmUwKate Mather
Shuttle approaching Prarie near the Forum on Manchester #SpotTheShuttleAndrew Khouri
The die-hards showed up at The Forum at 4 a.m. Sun's not up, but Dave Matthews is blaring. #SpotTheShuttle http://pic.twitter.com/i0tz7Nj5Marisa Gerber


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