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Modesto woman says her singing was silenced by a police ticket

October 3, 2012 | 11:20 am

A woman who has been singing in downtown Modesto for eight years thinks the local police went too far when they gave her a ticket, apparently part of a crackdown on panhandlers.

The woman, Dellanora Green, is wondering how that doesn't conflict with freedom of speech.

"That's how I make my money for motel, food, hygiene," Green told Fox40. "They gave me a ticket for asking someone if they wanted me to sing a song. They told me if they gotta make it hard for them, they gotta make it hard for me."

Since she got the ticket, "I lost everything in my motel room," Green said. "I haven't been eating right."

She told Fox40 she has an attorney and together they’ve started a petition and they’re in the process of gathering signatures to allow her to sing again.

"I have a lot of signatures, of people who want to hear me sing," Green told us.

Fox40 hasn’t heard the Modesto Police Department’s side of the story yet but will continue to follow the story.


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--Eric Harryman, Fox40 News