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City Beat: Justin Bieber's true Beliebers at Staples

October 3, 2012 | 11:54 am

Justin Bieber's true Beliebers
How do you let Justin Bieber know you're there when you're in a crowd of thousands at the Staples Center?

You leave school early, and persuade your mom or dad to leave work early, too, and to drive you.

You wear purple because purple is Justin's favCitybeatorite color. You write SWAGGY on a T-shirt in gold sparkle, because Swaggy is Justin's favorite word. On your left sneaker, you use Puffy Paint to make a big fat red heart. On your right sneaker, you put the silver initials JB.

You plant yourself outside the arena's doors hours before you'll be let in, holding the homemade sign you spent all weekend making that says you adore him, you want to marry him, you are his "one less lonely girl."

And you join the other true Beliebers singing the lyrics of his songs -- "You are my love, you are my heart, and we never, ever, ever, be apart'' -- only you really mean it and you know he will see it if he'll just hear you singing and come outside long enough to spot you among the many and catch your eye.

You are 5 maybe, or 6 or 10 or even 17 -- and you tell everyone you know you've loved him since YouTube, before he was discovered. On your sign, you declare your love too -- maybe in a sign you make with your friends that says, "Lindsey Lilly Violet Chloe Sophie all Love U."

If you are Amelia Erichsen, 13, of San Diego you try to go the extra mile. You've outlined every letter on your sign in glow-in-the-dark Puffy Paint so he'll notice it when the lights go down. You write I HEART Justin!! in ballpoint pen on your left arm. And after skipping out of school midday, you make a quick stop at the orthodontist to put purple rubber bands in your braces. 

If you met him, you say you might faint, but then you'd try to get the words out. What words? You squinch your freckly cheeks and smile shyly.

"'I love you,' or maybe, 'Will you marry me?'"

On Tuesday night, City Beat went to the Staples Center to join the masses before the first of two Justin Bieber shows. Here's what I sent out on Twitter from the scene:  


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--Nita Lelyveld

Photo: Justin Bieber fans, including Amelia Erichsen, 13, of San Diego holding a sign reading "Be My Boyfriend," before the first of two concerts at Staples Center. Credit: Christina House / For The Times

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