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Space shuttle Endeavour wows spectators: ‘Marvelous!’

September 21, 2012 |  9:27 am

The space shuttle Endeavour took off from Edwards Air Force Base and began its California tour, delighting crowds in the Antelope Valley.

The shuttle roared over Palmdale's Plant 42, dipping so low it seemed as if it were coming in for landing.

"I see it! I see it!" children screamed, as the modified 747 aircraft carrying Endeavour passed overhead.

Colonel Michaels Sr., 42, of Palmdale stood on the back of his pickup truck: "It's coming right at us, baby!"

He shouted: "Come to papa!"

"I feel very patriotic, today," he said.

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Lancaster resident Sean McKay, 35, whose late grandfather worked at Rockwell International for more than 35 years, said he brought his 20-month-old son, Michael, to see Endeavour in flight one last time.

"This is freaking awesome," McKay said.

When the shuttle passed overhead, Antelope Valley resident Frances Runnells, 89, stood up from her combo walker-chair and waved at the shuttle.

"Marvelous!" she exclaimed. "This is exciting."

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Palmdale city spokesman John Mylnar said he had never seen anything like the crowds gathered to see Endeavour.

"This is a party in the desert," he said. "It's a shuttle rave."

The shuttle is expected to fly over the state Capitol around 9:30 a.m. before heading toward the San Francisco Bay and then Monterey.

After returning to Southern California at 11:30 a.m., it will fly around local landmarks and land at Los Angeles International Airport around 12:30 p.m.

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After it lands at LAX on Friday, the shuttle will be housed at a United Airlines hangar until Oct. 12, when it will begin a two-day celebratory trek through the city's streets to the museum's new Samuel Oschin display pavilion.

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— Ann Simmons in Palmdale


<script src="http://storify.com/ronlin/space-shuttle-endeavour-captured-on-twitter.js?header=false"></script><noscript>[<a href="http://storify.com/ronlin/space-shuttle-endeavour-captured-on-twitter" target="_blank">View the story "Space shuttle Endeavour captured on Twitter" on Storify</a>]<h1>Space shuttle Endeavour captured on Twitter</h1><h2>The space shuttle Endeavour lifted off on its final flight Friday morning. Here are a collection of tweets from anyone who #spottheshuttle. </h2><p>Storified by Ron Lin, LA Times &middot; Fri, Sep 21 2012 09:36:20</p><div>#Endeavour flew so low over Plant 42 in Palmdale, @AMSimmons1 said she felt she could almost reach out and touch it.Kimi Yoshino</div><div>Everyone was going kinda nuts (: #endeavour #spottheshuttle #spaceshuttleendeavour #spacesh  @ Lockheed View http://instagr.am/p/P2A7r1lXbO/Alyssa Angueira</div><div>i'm giddy as a schoolboy on the first day of school! heading to LAX soon! http://lat.ms/OJqG5E #SpotTheShuttle #OV105david doucette</div><div>A great scenic shot from @TheQueenMary, where some people have come to #spottheshuttle #Endeavour. http://pic.twitter.com/TXVxPjPeRuben Vives</div><div>Waiting on the south tip of Moffet Field on a dirt patch with about 100 others. #livinghistory #spottheshuttleGarza Girl</div><div>.@haileybranson reports that lots already full at Griffith Observatory. Consider parking at Greek Theater, take free shuttle! #endeavourKimi Yoshino</div><div>Hundreds waiting for #Endeavour  in Palmdale near Plant 42 where it was built.Ann M Simmons</div><div>&quot;It's coming right at us baby,&quot; man screams as #Endeavour approaches crowds near Plant 42 in Palmdale @latimessocial @latimes @AMSimmons1Ann M Simmons</div><div>Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith got a new lens to take photos of endeavor #spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/Pqz4xsIYBrittany Levine</div><div>Media &amp; people at #griffithpark wait for #en http://pic.twitter.com/KZ2li1IKRaul Roa</div><div>CBS2 has this rendition of the flight path #Endeavour will take today over LA. image from http://CBSLA.com http://pic.twitter.com/GKSoALL9Raul Roa</div><div>#OV105 against the desert landscape at Edwards @latimes #spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/SEiEWr2EPauline Magnusson</div><div>Endeavour &amp; @NASA's 747 http://youtu.be/QUkKulj5zEM?a VIDEO Departing Edwards AFB. #spottheshuttle #vbnasa cc @LANow http://lockerz.com/s/246404305Vegas BiLL</div><div>#endeavour #spottheshuttle Edwards AFB  http://instagr.am/p/P15xtDEWBY/Catherine McKee</div><div>#spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/npYkV8MxBgrego9</div><div>#endeavour #spaceshuttle #spottheshuttle @latimes  http://instagr.am/p/P17Ulyw7pW/Greg Scarborough</div><div>I hate goodbyes!  #Endeavour #OV105JoAnne Gruter</div><div>Here is the flight path of #SpaceShuttle #Endeavour over the Bay Area this morning. #spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/ECy5nIYqMark Theriault</div><div>Omg!!!!! #Endeavour flew right over our house!!!!! #SpotTheShuttleViridiana R.</div><div>It trips me out that the #Endeavour is just piggy back riding on that 747. It's so cute.Nettey Farol</div><div>Your iPhone 5 is cool, but there's a freaking space shuttle in the sky right now #spottheshuttleShareef Jackson</div><div>aaaaaaaaaand takeoff! It's on its way! @NASADryden #spottheshuttle #ov105NASA Ames</div><div>Aaaaand she is aloft!!! #Spottheshuttle #ov105Susan A. Kitchens</div><div>Former shuttle astronaut Bo Babko at NASA-Ames waits for flyover #spottheshuttle #Endeavour: &quot;it's a little  sad.&quot;Julia Prodis Sulek</div></noscript>