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Space shuttle Endeavour over Los Angeles: Reader photos

September 21, 2012 |  2:47 pm

Endeavour LAX
It was an air show to end all air shows, a one-off spectacle that saw California crane its collective neck to the sky in wonderment.

The space shuttle Endeavour, perched atop a modified 747, landed at Los Angeles International Airport Friday, but not before captivating millions on a pre-retirement tour of the Golden State.

From the desert to the mountains to the sea, Endeavour flew as low as 1,500 feet past photo-op perfect California landmarks and cheering crowds.

FULL COVERAGE: Endeavour's final journey to L.A.

After taking off from Edwards Air Force Base, Endeavour headed north, buzzing the state Capitol in Sacramento, circling the Bay Area and soaring over a Golden Gate Bridge packed with onlookers.

Then it turned south, crossing the Monterey Peninsula on its journey to Los Angeles where Endeavour on one last victory lap of the Southland, the cradle of the nation's 40-year shuttle program.

The 105 Freeway near LAX was shut down for a time as motorists stopped, got out of their cars and watched the space shuttle fly by.

PHOTOS: Endeavour's Southland flyover | PANORAMA: Endeavour arrives at LAX

"This gives you goose bumps, man," said Terry Hughes, 72, a retired Boeing engineer who spent his career working on wind tunnel tests for the shuttle. "The same goose bumps I had when I saw it land for the first time."

For an hour Friday, Endeavour was seemingly everywhere at once: Flying by the Griffith Park Observatory, the Hollywood sign, the Getty Center, Queen Mary and Disneyland. Parading down the coast from Santa Barbara to Huntington Beach. Cruising past NASA facilities and factories where it was designed, built and assembled.

The Times asked readers to share photos. Here's a collection of some of the best and more can be seen here:

Space shuttle Endeavour: Reader photos

Space shuttle Endeavour made a grand tour over Southern California on Friday and Los Angeles Times readers snapped some great pictures! Here's a collection.

Storified by Kimi Yoshino · Fri, Sep 21 2012 14:06:17

@Latimes @lanow @NBCLA @LAist #spottheshuttle the shuttle over the observatory http://pic.twitter.com/g1m4e9WKseanbaello
@LANow #spottheshuttle #endeavour #ov105 <3 http://pic.twitter.com/07mX3xIFNOREGRETSphoto
“@uscpsycho: So many people at the observatory to see the Shuttle. http://twitpic.com/awyvz2 #spottheshuttle @lanow” wave!! http://pic.twitter.com/MbfDp8crUSC_Grad
RT @georgr13: @LATimes @LANow #SpotTheShuttle Endeavour at @USCedu - Trojan Neil Armstrong would've been very proud! http://pic.twitter.com/MKx3GpWRLaurenWb5
#Endeavour #SpotTheShuttle @latimes @lanow It flew right over our elementary school! :) http://pic.twitter.com/puTJmtq4CamilleFriendly
@latimes #spottheshuttle view over Venice Beach. Taken with Leica M8. http://pic.twitter.com/MbtR5Upjdesheldon
standing at the Universal City Nissan rooftop!! amazing!! @LANow #spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/sZG4HVejalisonmaite
Endeavour over Venice, CA #endevour #nasa #SpotTheShuttle @latimes Back to work @quadshotdev http://pic.twitter.com/X4BwaxMTjennifinch
@latimes #SpotTheShuttle @LADWP workers serving as lookouts for the #Endeavour @ Beachwood/Scenic. http://pic.twitter.com/j6M99UJuHonkyD
Endeavour from Grand Park! #spottheshuttle @latimes http://pic.twitter.com/psJHSI8bminnend


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-- Mike Anton

Photo: The space shuttle Endeavour as it arrives at the United hangar at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, Ca. after it's cross country trip from Florida. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times