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Space shuttle Endeavour flies over Santa Barbara, Ventura

September 21, 2012 | 11:39 am

Endeavour Golden Gate

The space shuttle Endeavour move through the Central Coast of California and over Santa Barbara and Ventura counties as it began its entrance to L.A. County.

The shuttle wowed crowds as it flew over a sunny San Francisco, gliding over the cranes at the Port of Oakland, the glittering waters of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. It then moved south along the coast, going by Santa Maria, the Vandenburg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara and into Ventura County.

It will enter L.A. County near Malibu.

Endeavour, riding atop a 747, passed the Golden Gate Bridge twice, thrilling crowds of pedestrians and bicyclists on the bridge's sidewalk. A crowd of adults and children had their cellphones and snapshot cameras aimed at the skies when Endeavour appeared as a dot, coming in from the southeast about 10:15 a.m.

By 10:22, Endeavour came back for a second pass, coursing closer and lower and buzzing the bridge. As the sound of the plane's engines drowned out the traffic on the bridge and tourists ran to get the best vantage point, screams of "Whooo!" could be heard as the shuttle flew over the suspension bridge.

FULL COVERAGE: Endeavour's final journey to L.A.

"It was unbelievable. Did you hear all the clapping? I can't even believe we're here!" said Polly Lestikow, of Centennial, Colo., who just happened to be bicycling across the bridge Friday morning, unaware of NASA's planned show Friday.

The much feared fog was gone by the time Endeavour flew by the Golden Gate.

It was worth the wait, after a few antsy moments on the Golden Gate Bridge.

TIMELOG: Endeavour's final journey

The parking lots on the San Francisco side of the bridge had filled by 8:30. Vista point was lined with people shortly thereafter. Bridge bicyclists stopped on the graceful span as traffic whizzed by.

At around 9:40, Endeavour watchers spotted a plane above the bridge. Cameras swung toward it, just in case.

"False alarm," mourned cyclist Les Lockspeiser, who lives in Denver. "Wayward plane."

From the Bay Area, Endeavour was headed south to Monterey and then to Los Angeles.

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— Rong-Gong Lin II in Los Angeles and Maria L. La Ganga at the Golden Gate Bridge

Photo: Space shuttle Endeavour flies on top of a modified 747 jumbo jet over the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday. Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images.