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Space shuttle Endeavour final flight captured on Twitter

September 21, 2012 | 10:04 am


As the space shuttle Endeavour lifted off Friday, the final flight attracted the tweets of excited Californians across the state.

Meanwhile, forecasters at the National Weather Service said the skies were mostly clear in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Monterey Peninsula and Southern California.

FULL COVERAGE: Endeavour's final journey to L.A.

"It couldn’t get any better," said Diana Henderson of the weather service office in Monterey.

Tweet your photos to @latimes or @lanow with the hashtag #SpotTheShuttle. Don't forget to tell us where you are! Photos can also be uploaded here or emailed to latimes-2do82r@olapic.it. Check back -- we'll be compiling the best reader photos.

A sampling:

Space shuttle Endeavour captured on Twitter

The space shuttle Endeavour lifted off on its final flight Friday morning. Here are a collection of tweets from anyone who #spottheshuttle.

Storified by Ron Lin, LA Times · Fri, Sep 21 2012 08:39:51

#OV105 against the desert landscape at Edwards @latimes #spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/SEiEWr2EPauline Magnusson
Endeavour & @NASA's 747 http://youtu.be/QUkKulj5zEM?a VIDEO Departing Edwards AFB. #spottheshuttle #vbnasa cc @LANow http://lockerz.com/s/246404305Vegas BiLL
#endeavour #spottheshuttle Edwards AFB http://instagr.am/p/P15xtDEWBY/Catherine McKee
#spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/npYkV8MxBgrego9
#endeavour #spaceshuttle #spottheshuttle @latimes http://instagr.am/p/P17Ulyw7pW/Greg Scarborough
I hate goodbyes! #Endeavour #OV105JoAnne Gruter
Here is the flight path of #SpaceShuttle #Endeavour over the Bay Area this morning. #spottheshuttle http://pic.twitter.com/ECy5nIYqMark Theriault
Omg!!!!! #Endeavour flew right over our house!!!!! #SpotTheShuttleViridiana R.
It trips me out that the #Endeavour is just piggy back riding on that 747. It's so cute.Nettey Farol
Your iPhone 5 is cool, but there's a freaking space shuttle in the sky right now #spottheshuttleShareef Jackson
aaaaaaaaaand takeoff! It's on its way! @NASADryden #spottheshuttle #ov105NASA Ames
Aaaaand she is aloft!!! #Spottheshuttle #ov105Susan A. Kitchens
Former shuttle astronaut Bo Babko at NASA-Ames waits for flyover #spottheshuttle #Endeavour: "it's a little sad."Julia Prodis Sulek

— Ron Lin


Photo: The space shuttle Endeavour rides atop a Boeing 747 after taking off Wednesday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times.