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Oakland activists join Occupy L.A. group in downtown demonstration

August 9, 2012 |  1:27 pm

A masked demonstrator looks over a chalk illustration in Pershing Square on Thursday

A man arrested Thursday after demonstrators drew a large chalk mural at Pershing Square was among a contingent of activists from Oakland who arrived Wednesday to show solidarity with their counterparts in Los Angeles, fellow protesters said.

The Oakland group reportedly came to join up with Occupy L.A. activists, who clashed with police during last month's Art Walk after drawing political messages in chalk on downtown streets.

The first Art Walk since that melee, which left four officers injured and 17 people in handcuffs, is scheduled Thursday night.

The Oakland demonstrators started work on their mural Thursday morning. Along with two cartoon animals, they wrote the words: "Chalkupy" and "I Love the First Amendment" on the pavement.

Los Angeles police Sgt. Frank Preciado said officers took three people into custody Thursday but made only the one arrest.

The man who was arrested had outstanding warrants for two misdemeanor crimes, Preciado said, including a vandalism charge in Oakland. The other two have not been arrested but are under investigation for vandalism, he said. After reviewing evidence, Preciado said police may or may not recommend that City Atty. Carmen Trutanich press charges against them.

The officers’ actions baffled Amos Sandifer, 48, who stood in the shade roughly 30 feet from the sidewalk drawing.

“This is kids’ stuff. It’s chalk!” said Sandifer, clad in a tank top and eating Flaming Hot Cheetos. “I could see it if it was spray paint.”

Sander, who described himself as a former baker from Chicago, said he watched as police put two people in a squad car and drove away.

Preciado said police will be stationed throughout the day and night at Pershing Square, the base of operations for Occupy since protesters were cleared off of the City Hall lawn last winter.

Occupy L.A. allies bring chalk protests to Art Walk

Protesters and activists roll into L.A., chalk in hand, to take part in downtown's first Art Walk since the LAPD arrested 17 chalking suspects at the last one.

Storified by LA Times - LA NOW · Thu, Aug 09 2012 12:21:53

One man was arrested and two people were detained this morning after they helped draw a large chalk mural in downtown's Pershing Square.Kate Linthicum
Three Occupy protesters detained as chalk demonstrations beginAt least three people were detained by Los Angeles police Thursday morning during a "chalking" protest in downtown L.A.'s Pershing Square...
Occupy L.A. allies and members tweeted photos and updates on the "chalking" protest throughout the morning. 
The goal of the Downtown Art Walk is to affect social change. #chalkupy is a perfect fit. PDF http://bit.ly/QJQmgV #occupyla #dtlaKim Cooper
A crime scene??? Really #LAPD? #Chalkupy #OLA #DTLA http://pic.twitter.com/D6a1x57KWalt Arrrrr
"I <3 the 1st Amendment!" #Chalkupy! This is what 'warranted' 3 arrests today. LAPD, fight crime not art! #ola #oohttp://twitpic.com/ahebxwFresh Juice Party
The cops REALLY do love chalk art :) #ows #ola @OccupyLA http://pic.twitter.com/I4jVt9Ifydnab
Soon bubbles and laughter will be outlawed. #ChalkupyLA #ChalkupyAmy
#Chalkupy is up and under way at #OccupyLA. #OSF #OO #OWS @FreshJuiceParty @therealroseanne http://pic.twitter.com/arUqriBx#pUNkBoY4hUManItY
Giant, disgusting military helicopters over downtown la. Happy art walk everybody! #occupylaJen Daley
Obviously this cat is a criminal! Quick Capt Frank save us! ~ TD #Chalkupy #ChalkWalk #A9 #GlobalChalk http://pic.twitter.com/gCoSW0kY#OccupyLA
We're unloading at pershing sq for some #Chalkupy. They already have a pressure washer out. #OLA #OOPolitical Fail Blog
We are leaving the #Bay to #LA #Chalkupy Pershing Square here we come. #solidarity @occupyoakland @occupyla @punkboyinsf #oo #ola #ows #ochiAnonymous
Meanwhile, some community members questioned the group's tactics.
The only group that's extremly pleased about OccupyLA's #ChalkWalk must be the chalk manufacturing industry. #DTLAAndres Cruz
Very sad that Occupy LA thinks it's fighting corporate abuse by hijacking #DTLA's community artwalk; sad that this mvmt has devolved so muchAri José


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 -- Kate Linthicum and David Zahniser


Photo: A masked demonstrator looks over a chalk illustration in Pershing Square on Thursday. Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times