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Anaheim protesters ordered to disperse

July 24, 2012 |  9:17 pm

More photos: Protest against Anaheim police shootings

Shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday, law enforcement officers in Anaheim issued a dispersal order to protesters at the intersection of Anaheim and Broadway.

One officer used a megaphone to declare an unlawful assembly and shouted to demonstrators to leave the area: "You must disperse ... if you do not, you will be arrested."

At least two arrests have been made, authorities said, and an Orange County Register reporter was injured by a thrown rock.

Photos: Protest against Anaheim police shootings

Just after 9 p.m., authorities fired non-lethal projectiles into the crowd, scattering many of the demonstrators.

Dozens of officers began attempting to clear the intersection about an hour earlier. Protesters threw bricks, bottles and shoes at officers. One man in a blue jersey was tackled and carried away by police.

The crowd quickly moved toward a corner gas station, where people pounded on pumps as others chanted "Si se puede." Some set off firecrackers in the lot as people ran away. At one point a black police truck was struck by an object.

Anaheim protesters clash with police

A fatal officer-involved shooting in Anaheim over the weekend has sparked four consecutive days of protest in the city, which culminated Tuesday night at a City Council meeting.

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Latino leaders say Anaheim a 'powder keg' after police shootingsSeveral leaders in Anaheim's Latino community are calling for increased scrutiny - including an FBI investigation - of a police shooting ...
No justice, no peace! No racist police! Why won't they let us into the city council meeting in #anaheim?! #policestate http://pic.twitter.com/LXUiPX08Peta Lindsay
Anaheim Police Protest (07/24/2012)dpalabraz
Anaheim protesters ordered to disperseShortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday, law enforcement officers in Anaheim issued a dispersal order to protesters at the intersection of Anaheim ...
At about 9 p.m., police ordered protesters to disperse.
Anaheim Police: "If you do not disperse you will be arrested in violation Calif Penal Code 415" #Anaheim #ows @OccupyWallSt via CrossXBonesAmber Stephens
Police force on the scene in #Anaheim is around a hundred, all surrounding protesters. They're being reminded to disperse immediately.Amy
Sending police to disperse a police-inspired riot is like trying to put out a fire with kerosene. #APDRiot #AnaheimAnonymous
When protesters failed to disperse, police began firing pepper balls and other non-lethal rounds of projectiles .
Streets of #Anaheim transformed into war zone by police. Beanbag rounds & pepper balls continue to be fired at protestersKevin Gosztola
Girl shot in leg by #Anaheim PD http://pic.twitter.com/uMN9dpzfMiguel
Dumpster fire off Claudina Street in #Anaheim http://pic.twitter.com/dI2b6nv4Nicole Santa Cruz
This man George was shot in the head by a rubber bullet while running away frm police as they fired into crowd #Anaheim http://pic.twitter.com/8U3jg6PjGeoffrey Giraffe
Meanwhile, the nightly fireworks at Disneyland can be heard in the background.
fireworks from @Disneyland is just icing on the cake to riots here in #Anaheim tonight...Epic Beer Girl
In the middle of the #Anaheim riot, a livestreamer thinks he sees something on fire in the distance: turns out to be Disneyland Fireworks.GönzÖakland
Way to go @disneyland with the fireworks on top of police helicopters and rioting. #keepitmagical #anaheimOC Beer Blog


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Latino leaders say Anaheim a 'powder keg' after police shootings

-- Nicole Santa Cruz and Ruben Vives in Anaheim, Jill-Marie Jones in Los Angeles

Photo: Protesters gather outside Anaheim City Hall to protest police shootings on Tuesday. Credit: Patrick T. Fallon / Los Angeles Times