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Jackson family feud: If you can't beat it, Tweet it

July 26, 2012 | 12:14 pm

Jackson children with shoes

Katherine Jackson might be back in Los Angeles, but it appears her family’s puzzling feud will continue to play out in the public eye.

Two of Michael Jackson's children -- Paris and Prince Michael -- have been tweeting various allegations and concerns about their grandmother, who had been reported missing over the weekend.

Other family members, including Jermaine and Randy Jackson, Michael's brothers, have also used Twitter to advance their positions, turning the drama into a very public fight.

The backdrop for the discord appears to be a widening family rift over who should control Michael Jackson's legacy and assets. On July 17, two days after their mother left L.A., Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine and Randy Jackson signed a letter demanding the resignation of the two men who oversee business affairs for their late brother's estate.

The letter accused the trustees -- music industry veterans John Branca and John McClain -- of a host of misdeeds, including faking the will that gave them their powers, lying to Katherine Jackson and covering up the real cause of the star's 2009 death.

Jackson family feud: Public war of words

After Katherine Jackson was reported missing over the weekend, a bitter family feud turned public via tabloids, police reports and Twitter, as some family members accused others of kidnapping the 82-year-old matriarch as part of a fight over late Michael Jackson's estate.

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The fight broke into the public eye over the weekend, when Katherine Jackson was reported missing to Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.
Michael Jackson's mother reported missing -- or is she?Some family members of Michael Jackson have filed a missing persons report concerning the late pop star's mother, claiming they cannot fi...
Paris Jackson, the King of Pop's 14-year-old daughter, repeatedly voiced concerns about her grandmother's well-being on Twitter, despite responses from other family members.
yes , my grandmother is missing . i haven't spoken with her in a week i want her home now .Paris Jacksoη
I want to reassure everyone (inc all sudden medical experts) that Mother is fine but is resting up in AZ on the orders of a doctor, not usJermaine Jackson
This is our mother and her health is paramount. We are not inventing or plotting anything. We are following doctor's advice. Period.Jermaine Jackson
8 days and counting . something is really off , this isn’t like her at all .. i wanna talk directly to my grandmother!!<|3Paris Jacksoη
@ParisJackson I know it's completely unfair for them to do this to you and your brothers. We will keep trying. I love you.TJ Jackson
On Monday, deputies were called to break up a fight between family members at Katherine Jackson's Calabasas home. A video shot from inside the home subsequently surfaced online showing Janet Jackson swiping at a cellphone held by Paris.
Fight at home of Michael Jackson's mother adds to family tensionsJackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson has been the subject of several calls to authorities in recent days. It started over the weeke...
9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this payParis Jacksoη
The next day, Randy Jackson spoke to the Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC's "Politics Now," where he said his mother was "doing great" — and shifted blame to the executors of his late brother's estate. He alleged that Michael's will is fake, questioning the date it was signed.
MJ's brother, Randy, interviewed at the Al Sharpton show 07 24 2012 [Full interview]marlannasarte
The turmoil came to a head Wednesday when an L.A. judge stripped Katherine Jackson of custody of the pop icon's three children. Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff transferred guardianship temporarily to a cousin after hearing allegations that Katherine Jackson was being "held against her will" at an Arizona spa and had sounded "strange" in the one phone call she made to relatives since leaving L.A. on July 15.
Jackson family feud boils over in custody ruling on singer's childrenThe Jacksons of Gary, Ind., rose to fame on pitch-perfect harmonies, synchronized dance moves and an unwavering devotion to family as per...
The backdrop for the drama appears to be a widening family rift over who should control Michael Jackson's legacy and assets. The family is clearly divided and taking public swipes at each other.
I only tweet when its seriousRandy Jackson
His performance in court today breaks my heart. He knows his Aunts and Uncles would never hold their mother against her will. That's ABSURD.Randy Jackson
Enough already!! We've already lost one family member.Randy Jackson
Fans have weighed in.

I will NEVER support any Jackson that isn't Prince,Paris or Blanket!Dear kids,be strong n keep speaking the truth!Your daddy WOULD BE PROUD!Christina
Is it just me, or is Paris Jackson partly responsible for this Jackson mess & needs to be sat down somewhere & off of Twitter?!Shaynne Witherspoon
Michael Jackson wouldnt be happy with whats been going on with his familyAprilLove614
Gladys Knight did, too.

The Talk - Gladys Knight on Jackson Dramacbs
On Thursday, Paris Jackson reported via Twitter that her grandmother had returned to Los Angeles while her brother, Prince Jackson, weighed in for the first time, saying he was "really angry and hurt." He also tweeted a screenshot of a text message conversation he said he had with his family members.
grandma's here ! #thankyougod <33Paris Jacksoη
Prince Jackson (@princemjjjaxon)Posted Thursday 26th July 2012 from Twitlonger I would first like to start off this tweet by thanking the fans that have always stood by me and my family, my dad really appreciated your support and I still treasure it to this day. As I am sure everyone is well aware of the events that have been going on. I have been holding off on backing up my sister and her tweets avidly because I was waiting for the time to reveal my side. As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways. Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt. The following image is of a group chat I had started to several family members. This group text message I had started was replied to but they didn’t know that I could see the responses. For this whole time, they denied us contact to our grandmother. “If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth”-Michael Jackson Jr.
In another twist Thursday morning, Prince Jackson removed his previous tweets, saying in another message they were not of his doing.

these tweets our not our ownPrince Jackson
How the feud is resolved remains to be seen.
THIS IS NOT OVER.Randy Jackson


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Photo: The three children of the late pop icon Michael Jackson immortalized their father in a hand and footprint casting ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in January. Credit: Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times.