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Fresno to Conan O'Brien: Yes to Bobblehead, no to suicidal cow

July 31, 2012 | 12:30 pm

Fresno is being choosy about Conan O'Brien's serial offers to help the financially distressed city.

Last week, after a Fresno Bee article said investors were pointing to California's fifth-largest city as a candidate to be the state's fourth city to go to bankruptcy court, the talk show host offered to bring in funds with what he deemed surefire tourist draws: a giant Conan bobblehead and giant figurine of Simon Cowell's too tight-T-shirt, complete with jiggling moobs.

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin sent an official letter, bidding the talk show host to bring on the Bobblehead. The mayor, however, declined the T-shirt as too disturbing a sight for the city.

O'Brien then upped the ante, offering on his show Monday night to replace the talking T-shirt with a "cuddly" suicidal cow, a dangling life-size bovine with a rope around its neck, and a Spice Girls centipede, a chain of crawling women in British pop attire.

A blogger for the local paper immediately responded.

"It's going to be 102-104 degrees here for the next four days, Mr. O'Brien -- we have enough suicidal cows. Human Centi-Spice Girls, though? DONE and DONE, sir."


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-- Diana Marcum in Fresno