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Peanut butter pranksters may be banned from graduation ceremony

June 7, 2012 |  1:49 pm


A peanut butter prank at a Sacramento high school landed a student in the hospital and may get others banned from graduation ceremonies.

Administrators at Sacramento's McClatchy High School said they arrived Monday morning and found peanut butter all over campus.

"We found the school, for lack of a better word, trashed," said Principal Peter Lambert. "Glue in door locks, toilet paper in all of the trees, tables turned over, trash thrown all over campus and unfortunately just a real act of vandalism."

Lambert said a school investigation found that the prank had been planned on Facebook. Some students warned others to skip the prank so they wouldn't get in trouble and risk missing graduation.

But now, that's exactly what's at stake for those involved.

Aside from costing thousands in clean-up, the peanut butter slathered on doorknobs created a health crisis for students with bad peanut allergies.

Student Melissa McDaniel said she had a mild reaction to it. Another was hospitalized.

"Unfortunately they didn't just do harm to property, but to persons. So they have to take responsibility for their actions," Lambert said.

Administrators are meeting with all of the parents and students involved, and will decide whether the pranksters can attend graduation ceremonies.


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