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L.A. Kings parade: Live Stanley Cup celebration coverage

June 14, 2012 | 10:31 am

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The Los Angeles Kings will celebrate their first Stanley Cup championship with their fans Thursday in a championship rally and parade in downtown Los Angeles. The L.A. Times will be tracking the events live.

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Tweet pictures and comments to @lanow and we may feature them in our coverage -- or comment on our Local News Facebook page. Tell us what you're doing today to celebrate. Are you stuck at work? Headed to the parade? Are you one of the lucky ones who snagged a ticket to the rally at Staples Center? We want to hear from you.

PHOTO GALLERY: L.A. Kings parade

Players, coaches and other team officials will ride double-decker buses down a one-mile stretch of Figueroa Street, city officials said, beginning at noon at 5th Street. The procession is expected to last 30 to 45 minutes, and end between L.A. Live and Staples Center. A ticket-only rally is to be held at 2:30 p.m., officials said.

Plan ahead and take Metro to avoid some of the downtown street closures that are expected.

L.A. Kings: Live coverage of Stanley Cup victory parade

The Los Angeles Kings will celebrated their first Stanley Cup championship with their fans Thursday in a championship rally and parade in downtown Los Angeles. The L.A. Times tracked the events live at www.latimes.com/lanow.

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First, a primer.

If you've been under a rock, let's catch you up to speed. 

If you're like most Angelenos and tune into basketball more than hockey, the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup championship Monday for the first time in the team's 45 year history. The Kings took the cup at home in the Staples Center, defeating the New Jersey Devils 6-1 in Game 6. Here's a quick recap:
The #LAKings are your 2012 Stanley Cup Champions!LA Kings
Los Angeles Kings win the 2012 Stanley Cup!nhlvideo
A parade down Figueroa Street starts at noon. A sold-out rally at Staples Center begins at 2:30 p.m.
Stanley Cup: Downtown prepares for afternoon L.A. Kings parade, rallySome streets in downtown Los Angeles were already closed early Thursday morning in preparation for the afternoon's parade and rally for t...
8 a.m.:  It's still quiet at Staples Center, but folks are already making plans to ditch work and attend the parade. Times reporter Matt Stevens popped in to check on any early action.
Hundreds in black, silver a purple in Staples Center plazza hours early for #kingsparade.Matt Stevens
Calling in 'parade' at work today. #LAKingsI am Brenda
Wow. Figueroa is already mobbed & it's barely 8. Too bad I'm going to work and not the rally. Someone have an illicit beer for me. #LAKingsNegative Zero
The metro is filled with #LAKings fans. Which is perfect because I have no idea where I'm going so I can follow them to Staples!Brittany Crawford
9:45 a.m.: Fans are beginning to make their way down to the Staples Center for the parade and rally.
On my way to the #LAKings victory parade!!! http://twitpic.com/9we75yusc psycho uscsyco
Congrats to the #LAKings for their first Stanley Cup. Awesome job. Good times in LA. Would join the parade but flying in space today. #ISSJoseph M. Acaba
10:32 a.m.: NHL officials are warning fans attending today's celebration to be wary of fake Kings memorabilia being sold on the streets. During the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, authorities in Boston and Vancouver, B.C., seized more than $500,000 of fake merchandise.
L.A. Kings fans going to parade warned about fake memorabiliaAs Kings fans gear up for Thursday's parade and rally honoring the Stanley Cup champions in downtown Los Angeles, NHL officials are warni...
We're having a party #LAKings http://pic.twitter.com/JY5MyIwVPhil Burgess
11:00 a.m.: Fans continue to stream into L.A. Live in anticipation of the Stanley Cup celebration. Those who arrived early for a prime spot along the parade route are combating boredom with coffee, food trips and board games.

Andrew Erskine, 43, told Times reporter Matt Stevens that he drove in from Las Vegas and said he wouldn’t miss the parade “for the world.”

“You’ve got the typical bandwagon fans that jump on and [the team] has accepted them with open arms,” said Erskine, who moved from Huntington Beach about six years ago.

L.A. Kings parade: Fans arrive early for spot along routeHundreds of determined Los Angeles Kings fans fought traffic, found parking and arrived at L.A. Live hours before the Kings Stanley Cup p...
Waiting for the parade to start! http://yfrog.com/mgrn0gyj @s0nn @smilelinesdani @v_necia #becausewewonthecup #LAKingsMelissa
11:25 a.m.: Sources tell Times reporter Andrew Blankstein that the parade is running late -- maybe 20 to 30 minutes behind schedule. So don't expect it to start at noon.
I'm here to celebrate the #Kings #StanleyCup championship! #GoKingsGo @LAKings http://pic.twitter.com/ST6gsyIrRobert Daicopoulos
L.A. Kings: Thousands anxiously await Stanley Cup paradeBarricades and police kept a growing crowd off Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles, where fans waited anxiously Thursday for the star...
11:44 a.m.: Looks like the L.A. Kings are speeding things up. Andrew Blankstein says the buses are starting to fill up.
#Kings buses pretty much loaded and ready to go. Push off in about 5 minutesAndrew Blankstein
L.A. Kings parade: 'Now we can die in peace!'As the clock moved closer to noon Thursday, giddy Los Angeles Kings fans made their way downtown to celebrate the team's Stanley Cup win ...
12:00 p.m.: Streets along the parade route and the area around the Staples Center are full of fans awaiting the arrival of the Kings and the Stanley Cup.
Starting to set in... http://instagr.am/p/L3WyP1PWDX/LA Kings
12:01 p.m.: The buses are on the move!
Figueroa is too packed right now http://yfrog.com/gzt4rdmj #LAKingsrasta man jenkins
12:11 p.m.: The Kings are off with their mascot Bailey in tow.
And we're off! http://instagr.am/p/L3YQa3PWEI/LA Kings
The parade has started. 3 double decker buses driving to the Staples Center for the celebration with the fans. #nhl #hockey #lakings #la #kingsLeah
Roar goes up as #KingsParade turns on to #FigAndrew Blankstein
12:20 p.m.: Kings fans are giddy in anticipation of the celebration some have been waiting for all their lives.

"Now we can die in peace!" shouted Ralph Olivas, a law clerk from Duarte told Times reporters along the parade route.

Olivas said he had been "in dreamland" since the Kings clinched their first-ever championship Monday night against the New Jersey Devils. He said he grew up playing hockey in Fresno and now coaches a youth roller hockey team. He took off work to make it downtown Thursday.

#kings #stanelycup #dtlasignwave
By a rough estimate, we'd say there is about 12 billion people along the #blackparade route. Incredible support.LA Kings
It is awesome that @DustinBrown23's jersey is autographed by the other #LAKings players.Rob M.
Kopitar with the Cup! Well done boys!!! #lakings #becauseitsthecup http://instagr.am/p/L3bV_vBarr/Nick settle
Kings players way more excited to be at the parade than any lakers parade I've seen. dodgers are next! #LAKings #iloveLAR.Salais
There goes the #stanleycup, #lakings, #losangeles... @ Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Parade http://instagr.am/p/L3bnUhMBFv/jacquelyn Bowlen
12:35 p.m.: The Kings have arrived outside the Staples Center, and they're hoisting the Stanley Cup above their heads as confetti rains down.
A celebration 45 years in the making http://instagr.am/p/L3cQtRvWGK/LA Kings

As the team got close to Staples Center, the crowd beganshouting “Go Kings go” in unison. Confetti raining down on players (streetservice workers are following behind, cleaning things up).

There’s a sea of camera phones in the crowd, snappingpictures of the double-decker buses. As the buses pulled up toward the StaplesCenter, the crowd slowly began shifting in that direction.

Becky Duran, 42, of Rancho Cucamonga, was at the parade withher husband, Benjamin. They told Times reporter Melissa Leu that they left their home at 6:30 a.m., arriving Downtown twohours later. It’s also Becky Duran’s birthday.

“What better way to spend your birthday,” she said. “I knowthey did this all for me.”

What a celebration LA! #LAKings #StanleyCupChampion RT @LAKings: Kaboom! http://instagr.am/p/L3cOHIPWGI/Fanua
12:45 p.m.: One might expect the streets to be full purple and gold when L.A. fans are celebrating a championship, but today is the Kings' day. Fans are thrilled to see the hockey team have their day

"I'm ecstatic," Jonathan Bareng, 38, said. "We're so used to seeing the Lakers do their parade."

A fan of the Kings' for 24 years, Bareng told Times reporter Ruben Vives he flew to New Jersey for Game 5 against the Devils. Of course, he was disappointed with the outcome, but he went Thursday to see the parade

"It's been 45 years in the making," Bareng said. "It's kind of emotional."

L.A. Kings parade: Time for hockey team to shine, fan saysBased on the last several years, you would expect purple and gold to fill the streets of downtown Los Angeles, but it was mostly black an...
#BecauseItsOurCup http://instagr.am/p/L3dTMTPWG0/LA Kings
To have witnessed this moment SO close in person was the highlight of my life. Die hard #lakings for life!!! http://instagr.am/p/L3eTC9gBhj/Yuliiiiiii
1:00 p.m.: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa isn't riding in the Kings parade, according to Times reporter Kate Linthicum.
Mayor Villaraigosa not riding in Kings paradeLos Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is in Florida until Saturday for a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, isn't riding in ...
In Fla. for U.S. Conference of Mayors, @villaraigosa is missing out on today's #kings parade. Acting mayor Herb Wesson is there instead.Kate Linthicum
1:05 p.m.: The Times' Andrew Blankstein reports that there is a reception and lunch for the Kings at Staples Center. The rally begins at 2:30 p.m. Meanwhile, reporter Melissa Leu is talking to some fans.
LA Kings fans celebrate Stanley Cup win at championship paradelosangelestimes
1:10 p.m.: Longtime Kings fan Steve Rodriguez, 26, wore a gorilla costume and passed out fliers so he could attend the championship parade during his shift at a downtown L.A. Verizon store.
Kings fans celebrate their team's victory during championship paradelosangelestimes
#lakings #parade #becauseitsthecup #sorrynotsorry #stanleycup http://instagr.am/p/L3fDnwhEc0/Alejandra Torres
That was literally the best moment of my life! I can't stop crying #wewonthecup #lakingsSammi Marie
In section 205 for the rally! Where are you at? #LAKings Stanley Cup Championship Rally! http://pic.twitter.com/OgI9Pz4FThis Is LA Ryan
Stanley cup sandcastle at LA live http://pic.twitter.com/4ZaJuLxPSam Allen
Meredith gullion says her 9 year old daughter Ella is now "a fan for life" http://pic.twitter.com/9Xt36kYBSam Allen
Big time crowd flowing into LA live for the rally... http://pic.twitter.com/Lh9S36QSSam Allen
1:30 p.m.: As the parade crowd mellows out, reporter Sam Allen says people with tickets to the rally are starting to flow into Staples Center.

L.A. Kings celebration continues with Staples Center rallyAfter a 45-year wait, it was all over in about an hour for those who had gathered for the L.A. Kings championship celebration parade. By ...
Inside Staples... Wow... The crush of 18,000+ in the food lines. But everyone is joyful!debbie goffa
After 45 years no @LAKings fans seem to have a problem with the 90 minute line to get into the rally. #54FJohn Ondrasik
1:45 p.m.: "There's no way on the face of God's green earth I'd miss this," Charles Schwager, told Times reporter Sam Allen. "This is a culmination of years and years of waiting. It's an incredibly emotional feeling."
L.A. Kings parade: 'There's no way ... I'd miss this'Charles Schwager's customized Kings jersey is well known at Staples Center, where he's held season tickets since the arena opened. The sw...
Dreams came true for kings diehard Charles schwager http://pic.twitter.com/4sYyuz2WSam Allen
Rally ready. #lakings #gokingsgo @frugalmcdougall @ STAPLES Center http://instagr.am/p/L3kpBXgmB_/Melissa Rodriguez
1:55 p.m.: L.A. Kings fans are truly getting to re-experience the team's Stanley Cup win. The team is replaying the third quarter on the Jumbotron.
Inside Staples before the final rally with the #LAKings as we get to watch Game 6 on the big screen http://pic.twitter.com/LdjmZgG8Always Daveyg
They're replaying on the big screen Game 6 with audio of BOB MILLER!!! doing play-by-play and Jim Fox the analysis. God those guys a good!debbie goffa
They're replaying on the big screen Game 6 with audio of BOB MILLER!!! doing play-by-play and Jim Fox the analysis. God those guys a good!debbie goffa
2:10 p.m.: With thousands of Kings fans gathered in essentially the same place, some used downtown Los Angeles as a soapbox Thursday to spread the gospel, advocate for the city’s old football team, and try to turn a big profit, the Times' Ruben Vives reporterd.
L.A. Kings celebration even brings out Rams fansSome opportunistic advocates saw the L.A. Kings victory parade as a golden chance to talk about things that had nothing to do with hockey...
@losangelesrams at Kings victory parade. If NFL returns to LA, the Rams should be the city's team, they say. http://pic.twitter.com/key0oIHHRuben Vives
Watching the replay of game six inside Staples Center was... Well, EPIC! <3 #LAKingsLaurie D.
L.A. sports fan celebrates the Kings' first Stanley Cup winlosangelestimes
Mr. Miller kicks off the rally @ STAPLES Center http://instagr.am/p/L3pzGWvWOX/LA Kings
2:35 p.m.: The Kings championship rally inside the Staples Center has begun!
Huge ovation for #LAKings coach Darryl Sutter inside Staples Center after #StanleyCup parade. Not quite as much for city council members...Jordan Shifman
Crying like a baby... #LAKings #rallyMartin Ramos
2:45 p.m.: "We are the champions" plays as Captain Dustin Brown brings the Stanley Cup out onto the ice.
Love how some of the #LAKings players come out with #Dodgers hats. AWESOME!!!!! #gokingsgo #iloveLALisa Roque
#LAKings Coach Sutter: "Enjoy (this Cup) and stay out of trouble." #OnceACoachAlwaysACoachLife In Hockeywood
I promised myself I wouldn't cry... #lakings #StanleyCupChampionsBrian
"Awesome" count for the LA Kings Stanley Cup Celebration Rally, 57. I think 30 in Sutter's speech alone. #LAKings #StanleyCup #ItreallyisHillary A.
Anze looks emotionally overwhelmed... His fans in Slovenia no doubt are going crazy too, just like us.debbie goffa
i love how each player is so humble they don't know how to handle all the attention! #realmen #LAKingsAndria A.
Brownie looks great with or without teeth... He says he doesn't see a team, he sees a bunch of champions. Crowd goes wild!!debbie goffa
Patrick O'neal apologizes to TV audience for "foul language."Helene Elliott
Three 'f' bombs was the count...the perils and delights of live TVHelene Elliott
3:10 p.m.: The championship rally inside the Staples Center continues with speeches from the players. The first action of the rally was aresounding chant: "The Kings are Stanley Cup champions!" says Times reporter Melissa Leu. After the announcer read a list of the team's accomplishments, a photo montage with photos played on the big screen.

Jonathan Quick will win the "most memorable" speech award. Four letter words can be fun.LA Kings
made it home in time to see the end of the rally!!! STILL GETTING CHILLS!! waited over 15yrs to see them lift the cup! #LAKINGS #gokingsgoJAY
Cool to see the #LAKings with tears in their eyes as they were watching their video. #stanleycupchampionsMJP
L.A. Kings cheerleader still in shock the team wonlosangelestimes
4:00 p.m.: The L.A. Kings championship rally is over, and fans are leaving the Staples Center. Thanks for tuning in and for all the great tweets and photos!


Stanley Cup: Kings fans urged to use public transit for parade

L.A. Kings fans going to parade warned about fake merchandise

L.A. Kings fans, what would you do with the Stanley Cup for a day?

-- Samantha Schaefer

Photo: Kings fan Brian Mantooth, 6, of Norwalk, held by his mother, Kelly Mantooth, cheers on the Kings as they join large crowds near the Staples Center as they get in spirit for the parade honoring the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings in downtown Los Angeles. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times