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Huntington Beach approves 'puppy mill' ban

May 8, 2012 |  6:44 am

The Huntington Beach City Council has passed a ban on "puppy mills" that will prevent stores from selling pets from commercial breeders.

The proposed ban must pass at least one more public reading before it will be final.

Some pet store owners said the ban will put them out of business, but proponents claim store owners can stay in business selling pet food and accessories.

The ban was proposed by residents concerned about animals being bred and kept in unsafe conditions at puppy mills, and then being shipped off to pet stores.

"The fact is, millions of dogs are being kept in substandard, cruel breeding factories in order to supply the puppy trade in Huntington Beach and throughout the country," said Elizabeth Oreck of the Best Friends Animal Society. "Puppy mills are in business to supply the pet stores."

But others maintain the puppies are not being mistreated. Dan Digiacomo of Russo's Pet Experience displayed photos that he said showed the actual kennels the dogs are kept in.

"It's nothing like the propaganda that they give out and these brochures," he said. "They say the kennels are usually cramped, crude filthy conditions. Well, you can see that's not the case here."

Other Southern California cities have passed similar bans.


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