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Los Angeles riots: Live video discussion Friday at 11 a.m.

April 27, 2012 |  9:03 am

The Los Angeles Times hosts a live-stream video discussion with special guests Friday, here and on the home page, as a part of its continuing coverage of “The L.A. riots: 20 years later.”  

The Times’ Patt Morrison will host a 30-minute discussion Friday, beginning at 11 a.m., and field questions from online viewers. The video will be posted afterward on L.A. Now.

Morrison will interview Connie Rice, a civil rights attorney and co-director of the Advancement Project, a public policy organization that was established after the riots in part to address their underlying causes.

Rice, Morrison and Matt Lait, The Times' courts and police editor, will discuss the Los Angeles Police Department's reform efforts since 1992.

Rice reflected on the riots Sunday at the L.A. Times Festival of Books, along with former L.A. County Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti and L.A. Times Editor at Large Jim Newton. She said the kindling for the fire was laid years before the riots by decades of hostile policing in black neighborhoods.

"The reason we had this riot was because we had the total emasculation and humiliation of an entire community," she said. "It was kindling built on kindling built on kindling."

On Thursday, The Times had a live video discussion  with Times columnist Sandy Banks and LAPD Officer Gary Verge. The officer, stationed in the 77th Street Division, reflected on his own experience the day the riots broke out and spoke candidly about how the LAPD has changed in 20 years.

"Looking back, we definitely have much better relationships with the community now,” Verge said. “Now there’s definitely a partnership.... We listen a lot more instead of just going out there and doing our job.”

“Nowadays," he added, “you hear people say they want to grow up and be police.”

Our full coverage of the aftermath of the riots is available here: latimes.com/riots.

Also Friday, on L.A. Now Live, City Editor Shelby Grad will be talking with Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold about the impact of the riots on Los Angeles cuisine and other topics. Since returning to The Times recently, Gold has reviewed a wide and exotic range of Los Angeles restaurants, including a pizza restaurant that bakes its pies quickly in an 800-degree oven, a restaurant that serves marijuana-infused meals, and a dumpling house in the San Gabriel Valley.  


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