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Crystal Cathedral: Schuller says 'financial future' may be at risk

March 14, 2012 | 11:58 am


In a rare online video appearance, Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller speaks about the church's bankruptcy and explains that his "financial future" may be at risk because of the conflict between his family and the ministry.

The video, posted on Schuller's Facebook page, features footage from the church's early days -- from the drive-in ministry where Schuller began his work to a packed Crystal Cathedral with a robed Schuller preaching.

"Many told me that I redefined the Christian message," Schuller says in the video, then paused. "I had to, and it resonated."

Of the church's 2010 filing for bankruptcy, he added, "It's been a humbling experience for this dreamer who never quits."

But he goes on to explain the conflict that led to the resignation of himself and his wife, Arvella, from the ministry's international board of directors, which oversees the "Hour of Power."

"Over the years I've allowed the Crystal Cathedral to make substantial use of my teachings, my writings, my sermons, my books, both to provide the ministry with income and to allow it to broadcast a message of positive faith to a hurting world," he said.

He said the ministry has defined his life and pointed to a 2005 contract that would provide funds for the couple for the rest of their lives. That contract is in litigation.

"Our financial future may be at risk within the context of the bankruptcy," he said.

He asked viewers to pray for his family -- and himself.

"We need our community of friends like you," he said. "No matter what, you are still all important to us. No matter what, God is still God. No matter what, God is still a good God.

"God loves you and so do I."


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-- Nicole Santa Cruz

Video: New video of Robert H. Schuller. Credit: Facebook, Robert H. Schuller