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Judge gives Lindsay Lohan more freedom

December 14, 2011 | 12:16 pm

After receiving a positive review from an L.A. judge, Lindsay Lohan will enjoy more freedoms.

Until now, Lohan has been allowed to travel for business or family events. But a judge on Wednesday said that if she complete her community service obligation each month, she can travel wherever she wants.

"In any month you’ve complete your 12 days ... you may then travel ... but you cannot leave the state except for work unless you've complete those 12 days," said Judge Stephanie Sautner. 

The judge said she had no problem with Lohan traveling to Hawaii this week for her sister's birthday and expects the starlet to travel over the holidays. "We have the holidays coming up. You can travel to see your family," Sautner said.

Lohan was all smiles in court Wednesday as a judge heaped praise on the starlet for being on schedule with her community service and even promised to end her probation as early as February.

In the last month, the actress served her required 12 days of community service at the Los Angeles County coroner's office and attended one more than her four mandated therapy sessions — requirements than the judge imposed on Lohan for violating her probation on a jewelry theft conviction and a 2007 driving-under-the-influence conviction.

“You are doing well and I would like to see it continue,” Sautner told Lohan, dressed in white. "The morgue seems pleased as a morgue can be."

Sautner, who in previous hearings expressed impatience with Lohan's behavior, told the "Mean Girls" star she could end her probation in February if she completed her required total 60 days of community service early.

Lohan must now complete an additional 12 days at the morgue and four therapy sessions by Jan. 17, when she is due back in court. Lohan's attorney, Shawn Holley, asked whether the actress could skip her next court appearance and allow Holley to appear instead.

"If I say yes, then she will not complete everything," Sautner said. "I'm just saying."

The judge added that she believed Lohan enjoyed seeing her. Lohan smiled at the remark and hid her face.

Last month, Sautner sentenced Lohan to 30 days in jail and ordered her to complete her community service at the morgue, where she is working as a janitor. The jail time amounted to a matter of hours.

Lohan admitted in court that she had violated probation by missing required workdays and appointments. She missed 12 of 20 scheduled workdays at the Downtown Women's Center imposed in May when she pleaded guilty to the theft of the necklace from a Venice jewelry store.

Lohan, 25, also canceled 14 of 19 scheduled appointments for court-ordered psychotherapy, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the case but not authorized to discuss the case under judge's orders.

Sautner has warned the actress that if she failed to meet the terms of her probation, she would be returned to jail for an additional 270 days.

Lohan is required to report to the court each month and was seen last week visiting probation staff.

She appears on the cover of next month's Playboy. Images of the cover have already been leaked. The photos were shot between sessions at the county morgue and her court appearance last month. 


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