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Conrad Murray lied to police about Jackson's death, D.A. says

November 3, 2011 | 12:13 pm

Murray standing
A prosecutor told jurors in the trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician that the doctor's own account in a police interview was filled with lies about the moments leading up to the singer's death.

Dr. Conrad Murray submitted to the two-and-a-half-hour interview in the interest of "self-preservation," Deputy Dist. Atty. David Walgren said Thursday in his closing argument.

"Unfortunately his version doesn’t match up with any of the evidence, to the phone records or the text messages or the emails," Walgren said of the interview, which provided the only opportunity to hear directly Murray.

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The prosecutor said a Houston cocktail waitress' testimony that she was on the phone with the physician when he abruptly disappeared from the line showed that was the moment when the doctor found Jackson unresponsive, and that it "directly contradicts" Murray's account.

Murray told police he left the singer's bedside for only two minutes to go to the restroom, and returned to find Jackson had stopped breathing.

"How long Michael Jackson was there by himself abandoned, not breathing? We’ll never know," the prosecutor said. "Did he gasp, did he choke? Were there sounds? We don’t know, and we’ll never know."

Walgren told jurors the physician’s treatment of the pop star with the anesthetic propofol for insomnia amounted to a "pharmaceutical experiment."

That there was not a single medical record in which Murray documented giving the drug is further  proof of the doctor's guilt, the prosecutor said.

"There is a lack of medical records because Conrad Murray chose for there to be a lack of medical records," Walgren said. "If nothing else, it reflects on the consciousness of guilt."


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Photo: Conrad Murray, center, stands with defense attorneys J. Michael Flanagan, second from left, and Ed Chernoff, right, before the start of Thursday's court proceedings. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Pool.