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Several hundred protesters continue 'Occupy San Diego'

October 10, 2011 | 11:13 am

The Occupy San Diego movement behind City Hall.

Several hundred Occupy San Diego protesters remained camped out Monday morning on the plaza behind City Hall, calling for action on a melange of social, political, economic and foreign policy issues.

Police remained nearby, although no arrests were made. Protesters had agreed not to attempt to block the entrance to either City Hall or the Security Pacific office building nearby.

More than 1,000 people marched Friday through the streets leading to the plaza.

Protest organizers vowed to remain until their grievances were addressed. Various subgroups have been assigned tasks needed for a long-term occupation: Logistics, communication, media outreach, legal advice, food distribution, medical aid and meditation services.

"We're going to stay cool, but we're definitely going to stay," said Janet Douglas, a self-described "underemployed" college graduate who feels her generation is being victimized by Wall Street and "their political lackeys."

Signs and banners reflect an eclectic gathering. Some call for the end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, others for a crackdown on Wall Street abuses, and others support gay rights, immigrants rights and pensions for military personnel.

The nation's high unemployment rate was reflected, including a sign reading: "Study Hard, Work Hard, Get Nowhere."

Quotes were also in evidence, including one from folk-singer/activist Pete Seeger: "Take it easy, but take it."

Local politicians have been reluctant to be associated with the movement. But Councilman Todd Gloria, walking to City Hall after parking his car, seemed supportive.

"This is the best use of this concourse I've seen in awhile," he said. "Mostly it sits out there vacant."

Absent a change in mood among protesters, there does not appear to be a confrontation looming with authorities.

That could change when theater patrons are required to walk through the encampment to attend the next performmance at the Civic Theatre -- a revival of the 1960s classic "Hair."


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--Tony Perry in San Diego

Photo: The Occupy San Diego movement behind City Hall. Credit: Tony Perry / Los Angeles Times