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Extravagant Halloween light show in Riverside goes viral on YouTube

October 25, 2011 |  8:00 pm

Further proof that Halloween is the new Christmas: Video of an over-the-top Halloween light show that coordinates with "Party Rock Anthem" by the band LMFAO has gone viral on YouTube, racking up nearly 1.4 million views in just three days.

And the show, which includes four singing pumpkin faces, light-up tombstones, light-up hand-carved pumpkins and strobe lights adorning a two-story home in Riverside, has been widely featured on news stations.

This isn't a spur-of-the-moment endeavor either.

In an interview with The Times, the 39-year-old Verizon worker who created the extravaganza said it takes him 15 hours to program every one minute of music. This year, he started programming the lights in March.

Kevin J. -- he asked that we not use his last name -- has been doing Halloween light shows for four years. He started out small in 2008, he said, with just 10 pumpkins loaded with standard light bulbs. Last year he posted a video of singing pumpkins mouthing the words to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". That video wound up with 1.2 million hits on YouTube.

"It was my biggest year, but I wasn't on every news channel like I am now," he said.

Internet opiners on sites such as Gawker and Kevin's own YouTube channel have wondered if his neighbors hate him. Kevin says the answer is no.

He makes an effort to be a conscientious light show maker, he said. He only does one showing of the lights each night at 7:30, and asks his audience to park on the street and then stand on the sidewalk to watch.

Kevin, who goes by KJ92508 on YouTube, said he attributes the success of this year's video to three main factors:

1. Because last year's "Thriller" video was so popular, he already had 3,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, so he was able to get the word out fast about this new video.

2. His wife suggested that he pick a song from the Billboard charts.

3.  He does his light show at Halloween, not Christmas, so he has a lot less competition.


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 Video: Halloween Light Show 2011 -- "Party Rock Anthem" has gone viral on YouTube, racking up nearly 1.4 million views in just three days.